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Are genetic changes fun?


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Many people have asked me, since I have a biological commance with the Pleiadean Cosmonaut, what the transformation was like.They ask if it was a fun and ignoble experiences?

Well no' this was not a wonderful expierence.

My first encounters with Cosmonaut Semjase's biology, is when she had fallen and hit her head.

So my first experience with twin's cellular biology, was one of a basilar skull injury.
Not fun.

I know as was said in Barbara Marciniack's book, Earth The Pleiadean Keys To The Living Library, that the Sirians indeed, did shoot a memory awakening beam, into our central sun, about year 1972.

This had also enhanced a second set of genes to awareness, and these are the para-rider gene, from the offsprings of parents who had been bitten by real vampires in Bohemia.

So about a year and a half ago, from this posting date, on a rare moon, as stipulated in the biological workings of affairs, I did for one week's time experience the para-vampire gene rider, coming to fru-it-ition.

There are an estimated fourteen million to twenty million Americans who carry this near dormant gene trait, within their RNA DNA combinations and only certain effects, which are vampire-like, come to rise on certain ten to twenty year rare moon occasions.

This is due to the said oceanic pull on the hematology system of people, as described by Freud.

So my fist biololiogcal inkling that Semjase was here was in year 1975 to 77.

The full biological metamorphosis, resulting in a series of deathlike sleeps, as a result of viewing the Stevens outtakes was in Spring, April 1982.

The vampire dormant gene rider awareness, was in year 2002.

Remember no vampire killers' as I am as normal as anyone else, it is only the gene fragments, which and estimated so many millions of other Americans whose parent had been bitten by vampires, carry as well, not just me.

These experiences are interesting, however would not want to go through them again.
so what your saying is theres a dorment vampire gene laying in millions of people in america??

vampires... id love to believe but i cant fully.. can you enlighten me on some historical information about vampires and how to find out if this dorment gene is in me?? i feel something very powerful or very hidden laying within my body... if its just an abnormal chi, a gene, some sorta divine thing... i have no idea... i just feel it.. heh
Please note, you may study on this issue at your discretion, however observe the following cautions.

The federal government has at one time taken an active role in the monitoring of vampires and vampire outbreaks.

This is as this issues since it preditates on supposedly normal people, that vampirism was looked on, as a type of infectious disease.

>>Two, there is still an actively kept vampire hunters roster, or vampire extermination resources, where these hunters are kept abreast of the latest vampire occurrences and problems.

As said in the Heamavore web site, it is possible by birth to spontaneously gennis a vampire from two supposedly normal people.Know however these spontaneously gennised births are not kept tabs on.

This would be for static social purposes.Source>http://www.host.ip3.com/haemavore/contact.html

>STRONGLY NOTE;That a person who only carries the vampire rider traits, to where only some of the Ribonucleic acid, within the DNA cellular setups is effected by rare full moon rises. This may infact not be considered either any sort of vampire, or have the propensity to become a vampire, even though through some Rhibosomic actions, there are some small vampire traits expressed.

This is by both the birth gennis factors, and effect of the ocean pull said by Freud actions of the moon and usefully do not act over one weeks time in duration.

>So the traits that a normal person carried from a down-lineage directly being related to vampires, via their parent being bitten, may never assure a full metamorphosis to a vampire.

**Note strongly also;That through the process of birth, there is protection during the carrying process, to where the child with the DNA traits in the helix so construction this said formation pattern, that dominic intonements to hematology, do not travel down, for the most parts as patterned to the offspring.

So if you feel that you are becoming a full vampire, then there are lots of risk and dangers to this?

>PLEASE ADDITIONALLY NOTE:pay very crateful attention here, as there is now new evidence, that not only are the K-17 variant viruses are held within government labs, at undisclosed locations; however there may be a new type of vampire, which is more like human, that may, or may not have any demonic intonements, to the makeup, of their vampire traited gene?

This means if you go to become a vampire and turn into a two hundred year old stilled vampire and then go to meet real modern vampire, there is a chance that since you have adopted an older stile of vampire, they might outcast you, from their clan?

This is on the semanticle chance, that there are still vampires in the forming, who have adopted new ways?

Please note to Raul, if you would like to move this to paranormal, then go a'head?Thanks

>PLEASE ALSO NOTE:All history markers said by me, may have in some part to do with hidden forms of experimentation, via faculties and or concerns not know?

This means if you talk to me about some topics either current, or past concerning the aftermention subject matter here, I might not either have the slightest idea what your referring to, or might not understand.

In otherwords, the gene trait carried, does not assure full access into any sort of vampire affiliations.

Any said by me, was only in case reference to historical markers.\\\

Other than what you've asked here, I do feel that they exist in many forms.

They're there for a pourpose. Tread very carefully, on vampire information per say?
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