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Are there any other theories of time travel that do not include a black hole, because we seem to incorprate them with all time travel theories and we dont even know if they even have anything to do with the subject?
Ben' I have tried digging a hole, then painting it black inside.

I took a wire from the black hole that I had dug and then attached this to my alarm clock and nothing happened.

So I think that maybe black holes have nothing to do with time at all?
You guys have a point, there are too many time travel theories that get sucked towards black holes, pardon the pun, but I think I know why. I call it the fake cheat syndrom; I being a game junky have come upon many fake video game cheats. These usaually have one thing in common, they are next to impossible to perform, either they are time consuming or take absolute exactness. For example being asked to perform a task 999 times when the task often takes at least 30 seconds, this would take over eight hours, which would mean you have to have no life to accomplish it. Fortunately for me I don't and have proven many of these cheats wrong. Black holes are used in the same way, first they don't emit light making them very mysterious, second they are millions of lightyears away almost unreachable, lastly should someone reach one it is theorized they won't be able to get out, since even light does not appear to be able to get out. So you can't reach them and if you do you will die, perfect if you don't want to be proven wrong. You can keep your theories and apply them for as long as you live and many years after. It's actualy a pretty nice system.
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    Interesting theories, some of them. The rest is just fantasy or plain wrong. Also the thing about black hole because that assumes that black holes (as originally described) really exist. Rather than what I heard myself that the infinite mass thing is simply based on a mathematical error nobody seemed to challenge.
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    I read this on a french YT channel about UFOs, that: Magnetic field + gamma rays can be used to create a circulating light beam that distorts or loops time, which can lead to a twisting of space and time. Looks like what R.Mallet working on it. What's your thoughts on this?
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