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The fabric of our beings, and World can be looked at and explained through science. But the answers to the questions that we seek may not be able not be answered through science.

technology (computers) has progressed through the invention of a single chip. And from that computers have become smaller and smaller, yet more and more advanced. But the fundamentals will always be reminiscent of that chip.

We look at time travel through these limited eyes... Techonology is our creation and we control its evolution, and yet we feel that these are the answers to our problems.

The answer must lye in organics. The subconscious mind is immensely powerful, and yet not one person knows how to harness the power of it. Dr. Joseph Murphy,DRS,PH.D, D.D, L.L.D stated that the subconscious mind has immense power that it can travel through the fabric of space - forward and backwards.

Can a computer, however progressed ever hope to control the fabric of space and time?

Science is nothing but a ruler. It can only meausure things up according to itself. What it can not dochange the meausurements of the being itself.

Also, on a pejorative note:

If we were a bird on a tree, and a human tried to explain to us the way to time travel, would not the bird be able to build and ultimately travel through time?

The answer of couse is NO. Simply because the birds mind is to small to ever comprehend the quantam physics involved in the precedure.

No matter how you preached to the bird, the bird would simply be interested in doing its day to day. Even if there were a way to communicate directly to the bird.

Could this analogy not be reflected unto us?

In conclusion however, I firmly believe that time travel is possible.

However, to discover the key to the whole problem, we are going to have to search through different eyes.

Travelling at the speed of light? All the other theories that I have throughout my existence, have so much weight put on them even though they are merely theories. Do we have faith in them because they have been created by the most intelligent minds the earth has ever seen?

My response to that is simple. The greatest minds at one time stated that the world was flat.

The same faith was applied.

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As in February 2014, IBM is inventing bionic computers that bleed blood.

Quote: "IBM is interested in making their computers more like brains, rather than building optimized chips for search, or predicting the whims of humanity."

IBM’s bionic computers bleed electronic blood | ExtremeTech

The mind of the next generation computers are designed to mimic human brain neural network. The computer might be able to dream and have their own mind in human-like form, as a new bleed flesh and blood bionic artificial beings.
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