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Another time travelling experiment


Super Moderator
I propose an experiment that if we all do, it would increase the chances of success. We can all report back here and post any results.

The Experiment:

1. Purchase the following from any hardware store;
a. Length of ABS pipe
b. two(2) ABS caps
c. ABS Glue

2. Prepare a note on a material that will endure a lenthy period of time.
a. The note is to be addressed to anyone in the future. Inscribe a place, time and date that you can meet any possible time travellers if they find your note.

3. Place the note into the ABS tube and seal it with the caps.
4. Bury the tube someplace where it may be discovered far into the future.

If many of us do this, and time travel becomes a reality, we increase our chances at having at least one of our time capsules discovered. Instead of doing nothing but debating, I believe we should step up and start doing something to progress towards success of REAL time travel.
I am certainly willing to do as you say. But can we do more? If, as other posts have insinuated, the phenom of time is directly associated with light and the speed thereof, could we not also share thoughts about how to use light to investigate time?
I think that this is an excellent idea. It should be noted, though, that if a million people do this and nothing comes of it, that doesn't prove the non-existence of time-travellers. All it would prove is that any possible time-travellers found themselves either unable or unwilling to comply with the requests. Or that none of the time capsules were ever found.

For the material that will endure (step two) I'd suggest a reasonably thick (half an inch, or so) sheet of either some kind of metal (aluminium, maybe?) or plastic. And then carve the message into it quite deeply.
Was thinking about the material also. Wondering if maybe an old can of soda would suffice, if cut open and using it like a piece of paper. Or too thin perhaps?

Also , I am wondering if the ABS glue might have a negative effect. I know it does emit vapors, and if in time would possibly cause damage to the contents of the "time" capsule.

I am writing a letter to Huntington Library in San Marino to se if they would let me bury one within the mueseum grounds. Any other suggestions as to where to place them?
This is going to sound crazy, but old outhouses, places where buildings used to be, and beaches.

My uncle is what I like to call a "digger". He goes around with his metal detector at the above places and unearths items of historical and monetary value on fairly regular basis. He's quite the collector.

If I was going to bury a time capsule these would be the places I would consider.
Places of already historical resonance. Old battlefields, "town squares", points of interest.

It depends on how far you're looking to send the time capsule before discovery.

Excellent suggestions! I never thoguht of that, and it makes perfect sense. I too use a metal detector when I have the time and I have yet to dig around an old mueseum.
Has anyone done this yet? I got the ABS pipe and end caps. But I havent written a note yet. And I am really stuck on where to bury the things.

Got to make sure they get placed in locations of future discovery.

Any other suggestions?
A fine idea for an experiment. My only question is, what 'incentive' is there for a time traveller to visit anyone of us at the pre-arranged meeting place?
A covert contact. It would be nice to have a pre-arranged place to stay, and access to someone familiar with the era. It seems it would simplify things tremendously for a time traveller.
Not that I know of. I have the materials ready to go, but haven't put them together as of yet. Plus, need a little more planning as to where to bury them, and where, when to propose a meeting place.