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An Untitled Story


Temporal Novice

In a land there were two, two who with there passion for life and love would triumph in sea of dark souls.
The year is 3027 A.D. The earth is now just a bed time story, a fantasy land filled with lost hopes and dreams. Burnt out and over worked the earth fought back violently unleashing a swarm of epic storms and plagues. Some say our god passed judgment on us that day but not me, my faith died along time ago, when living was worth something more than living in a shell that used to be a man.
I remember when it all started, when I got the first message that is. The sky was black and the air was heavy. And wet. Like after a summer storm or a shower. Still I went about my daily routine. Shower, [censored] and a shave you might say to save a long story…
I was on my way to my car so I could go to work and spend yet another day wasting my life for a dead beat boss who wouldn’t spit in your face if you were dieing of thirst. When I noticed that there was no wind blowing no birds chirping no car horns not a thing. I got very nervous and I thought “Its seven Am. it’s the middle of the summer and I live down town. What’s going on?” I looked over my shoulder to see my neighbor Ted False. Looking up with his freshly picked up news paper held loosely in his hands. I start to walk towards him and I say “Hey Ted” he didn’t even budge, not a hair on him moved. At this point I’m right in front of him asking him what’s wrong. It was like he was frozen. My heart pounded as my adrenaline level rose higher and higher like mercury rising. I look around in a panning view of the neighborhood. There were cars on the road but they didn’t move, like they were stuck in time. “Strange” I thought “Why can I move about freely? Am I insane? Am I dreaming?” I though, as theories of what was happening flooded through my brain.
“Wait” I heard in damp whisper in the pit of my mind “You will be one of few to live”
“WOOP! WOOP! WOOP!” SLAM! My hand went as I hit my alarm clock.
I didn’t know it then but I had received one message out of five. Five messages that would change the way of life for everyone on this planet.
I thought I had just had a nightmare or something. But when I had the last dream. It was Different. It was real. The people were dieing. Orphaned children killing stray cats and dogs for food. The fires were hot red and the streets were engulfed with rivers of magma pushed up by the violent quakes that leveled the area.
“You will live” I hear as I’m standing in a hell on earth. “The earth will die June 21, 2989 A.D.” “Why?” I said aloud. “The negligence of man has run to deep to heal.” “What? I don’t understand” I said as I looked at the carnage beneath my feet. “Man is lost but not forgotten and soon the bodies will all be rotten.”
That’s when I woke up and in bed of cold sweat and fear. My hands were shaking, my lungs were pumping. I don’t like to admit it but I was scared. Trembling from the unknown fate that lay ahead.
I picked up a smoke and took a drag hoping the Black Death would ease my nerves. The thoughts of dieing children and burnt buildings still rang fresh in my mind.
“Maybe a little TV will calm me down” I thought as I grabbed the remote and hit power.
“Earlier today a massive tidal wave has hit every coast line in the world. Yes! I said the world. Hundreds of thousands are dead, millions presumed dead. At 2:05 AM. A land slide of tremendous magnitude happened in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. There doesn’t seem to be a clear explanation to why this happened but a lot of people speculate it’s the work of oil drillers. Though it can’t be confirmed global warming might also have a part in this disaster.
No one seems to know what happened as of now but you can be assured there will be further studies and ill be here to report all information as it becomes available.
Reporting on this sad June morning. For Channel 3 action news. I’m Dan Witman”
“Thank you Dan” was the last thing heard on the tube before I ran to the drive way to pick up my morning paper. News of the disaster was on every page.
I look at the date June 21, 2089. The paper feel from my hands as I noticed my neibor. Ted was looking up at the sky like in my first dream. I was scared to call his name fearing he would say nothing to me but the intrigue of knowing the out come was to intense. I yelled “Ted” and at the very second a ball of fire came down from the heavens. The earth buckled under the impacts wake, sending smoke, fire and ash as far as the eye could see. I was in awe of the mushroom cloud that rose from the ground like the ultimate fire cracker. The heat is getting closer by the second but I was unable to move sense my mind could not comprehend the impending doom that awaited anyone caught in its path of mayhem. At the instant I saw my neibor disintegrate in to a pile of human ash, I was sure I was next. But I wasn’t.

The meeting

I awoke from a trance like state that seemed to last an eternity, to find my self surrounded in a circular room with Three other people that I had never seen. The atmosphere was thick with uncertainty. The dank room seemed to consume my soul as it was also so cold you could break a finger picking your nose.
The man sitting next to me seemed the most nervous of all. The sweat poured from his soaked shirt and on to the floor. “Is it strange to be conferred by the sounds of the drops of sweat?” I thought as they made a pitter patter noise as they hit the cold metal floor. Kind of like a heart beat to an infant child. It’s funny how you can find comfort in such small things. Even thought the small things are usually looked over, now they seemed like luxuries after my experiences.
A door off to the side of the room opens with a sluggish hiss. A figure shrouded in a fine haze creeps slowly towards me and the others. A face emerged from the fog to revel a face as old as time. Humanoid in nature his long slinky arms reached out to us in a gesture of peace. My fears melted away as I saw the warm smile off the being trying to greet us.
I then felt it looking in side of me. It was trying to figure me out I think. I’m sure the others were being probed to because the blank stairs on their faces was hard to ignore, as they looked like they were engaged in a deep concentrated state.
“Do not be afraid.” The being told us in a gentle manor. “You have all been selected. Selected to save your species from total extinction.” I was confused. Need less to say the others were to. “Who are you?” we all said in one cognitive thought. “My name is incomprehensible for your simple minds and meager tongue but translated in your language would result in the word Berlank Xarbide. But you can address me as Xar if you like. It would be easier for such a primitive species.” I would have been offended if it hadn’t been an alien but something in side me still said not to fully trust such a strange and mysterious creature. “Come I will explain further.”
As we followed Xar through the dingy twists and turns of what’s seemed to be a vessel, He started explaining about how humans were the hell bringer species of the cosmos. Meaning over time man had taken and taken until the world had enough and turned its back on man for ever. He also explained that he along with four other beings were like look outs or a Noah’s Ark of sorts. Gathering doomed species in a hope to keep a piece of what was once past. Patrolling the universe for signs of distress and impending doom.
Finally we stopped in a large dome shaped room. The metal was black as night and the lights were dim. Xar had us sit at table of light and up from that table of light came a 3-D hologram of the earth. We watched in awe as we saw the meteor shower blanket the earth in small torrents of hellish furry… Like little nukes exploding every were the eye could see. Its was all gone. “It really is gone” I thought.
Every one had a special moment right then. I don’t know what the others thought of but I thought of my child hood home. “The thing I always held dear to me is now just a memory and nothing more.” I thought as I held back the tears as I stood up and demanded to know what’s going on! “Be at peace Ren.” he said to me “how does he know my name?” I wondered.
“I know everything about all of you. Your brains and body were easy to figure out. After all, how do you think you all were having those dreams? Hmm? Coincidence? Hardly… Also, how do you think you all can understand me? Do u think we all speak your language? I figured it would make u feel more comfortable knowing that we could communicate freely. But be at peace my friend. There is hope for you all still. I’m taking all of you to a place were we take all the other orphaned species of the universe. A place to be free and start a new. But be ware. Not all beings are as gentle as I. So watch out for each other.” “Where are we going” I said interrupting Xar in mid sentence. “I will explain later my friend but for now we rest. You’re going to need it for the hard ships of starting a new.” That’s the last thing I remember until I woke up in a bright white room. It was warm and homey. I was not afraid as I rose from a small cot like bed to find everyone looking around in total alarm. We all stared at each other as the awkward of the situation ate away at us at the core.
“Um, Hi” I heard as I turned to see the kindest face. The kind of face that steals the breath from your lungs. “My name is Kate. Kate Robinson of U.S. Intelligence.” She said in a stout manor. “Hi, I’m Ren.” I replied “What kind of Intel do you do Kate Robinson?” I asked. “Top secret U.F.O. files, top secret weapons developments and stuff like that. Real cool stuff you might say.” she said with a giggle and a smile.
“Hey I hate to interrupt this little get to gether but I think there’s more important thinks at hand here.” The stranger said. I would later come to know him as Hal. His real name was Bill Lancaster. He was a portly man but not fat in the least. He came from a small real town in Ohio called Cortland. Cortland was a post card town of sorts. Well that’s how he described it but it’s hard to imagine that a place still existed were hope lived and thrived. Now nothing thrives.
With the ice broken the introductions began. Well I’ve already mentioned Kate and Bill. O I mean Hal. Then there was Bleu. Bleu was the nervous guy I mentioned earlier. He had calmed down considerably since the so called abduction. He introduced him self as Bleu. Just Blue, nothing else. He wasn’t the talkative type. Personally I think he was a little mentally handy cap but I couldn’t prove it. He just seemed slow to respond to simple questions. Maybe it’s none of my business. I’ll leave it at that.
We talked for what seemed like hours chat about jobs, family,, personal affairs and various other things.
As we well know by now, We were all selected for our specific qualities. Kate, I found out, worked for the government. Which wouldn’t have struck me as odd if Hal hadn’t told me that he had been in a special field of Bio Science. He was reluctant to tell us what it was but I’m sure in time it will become clear as to what exactly he did for a living. “But what about me?” I felt the importance of there two profesions imedeitly.. Bleu on the other hand did not share a real interest in talking to us. He did mention something about numbers. Every time he said anything, it had to do with numbers. I didn’t understand what he meant but my suspicions of his handy cap grew ever stronger.
We were interrupted by anther strange being. This one wasn’t like Xar at all. It was short and chubby. The site of his clammy skin made me physically ill. The smell wasn’t very pleasant either. This was defiantly and being to which I wish I hadn’t meet. But he was friendly nun the lest, so we listened as his bubbly, gargled voice tried to invite us for a bite to eat.
We followed the odor ridden beast to main hall filled lights and colors, shapes and smells. I heard Xar’s voices as I rubbed my eyes trying to force them to focus. “Come. Eat. The feast is now ready for consumption. Lets give thanks to our new friends for accepting there new fate. May all the days and nights be well.” That’s when it first really hit me that my whole life was gone. “Maybe this could be a good thing.”
The thought of food exited me but the site of this food was really unsettling. The piles of mash and goop were to intense for me to ingest. My friends thought so too. I could tell because Hal vomited in his mouth and was forced to swallow it. Hal didn’t want to be rude considering the circumstances. “Is this food not to your liking? I can sense you humans are obsessed with the look and texture of your food. Pathetic… “Very well.” I don’t know how Xar does what he does but he made a miracle right then, though I’m sure he did something to my perception the table was loaded with Meats, Cheeses, Fruits and vegetables of all kinds. We ate like kings. Wasting nothing. We all new that it wasn’t real but it seemed real enough to us.
With our belies full and our minds somewhat at peace I asked Xar “Where are we heading.” “We are going on a journey through time and space to reach our destination place. A place of such immense size and mass that ten of your Earths would fit in just the core alone… It lies deep within what you Earth dwellers call the Crab Nebula. It had name, once. Faltura One. Now it’s just a intergalactic truck stop of sorts… huhhhhh.”
Xar was visibly upset. I offered him some comfort. “Are you ok? Do you need a minute?” “Know. Its just it used to be a place of beauty and splendor but now only a few heavily guarded patches of heaven remain.” I got the feeling that there was something more than that bothering him but I left well enough alone.

The story isnt done yet by far so keep me posted on what u think and more will come