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An Entire Multiverse Of Alternatives


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Dear Friends of EarthTR125.0121

The late discussions regarding our fellow forum member Chronohistorian has made me think certain things that would make it interesting to ponder about.

He has commented about alien races having developed one of the languages that thrive in this Earth and of the many wonders of spiritual truces.

History Free Will and Time are intricately related for we would have not have parallel universe without them. This, then, points out to the importance of our decisions in relation to the quantum structure of the multiverse, or as I should say Prime Temporal Point.

It is this ability to decide that makes up the alternate world that Einstein, Bose and others have spoke about.

Up to this point, at least in this forum, we have considered alternate universe in relation to the possible changes we might introduce to the multiverse as a race. But, and I beg your pardon If I am making an incorrect assumption and generalization on my part, we as inhabitants of this Earth have not taken into account the many other historical events taking place outside this world. There are stars changing from states, black holes being formed, stellar mass densities shifting, galaxies collading with each other and then the presumable changes introduced by the statistically possible amount of life out there according to the Drake Equation.

Now I ask. Are we considering this alternate universe spawing variables when we speak of alternate realities or are we simply thinking that the we are the only ones making the veracity of alternate universe possible?

I know that I have stated in the past that the amount of alternate realities can not go beyond a specific quantity. Since I have mostly been interested in the affairs of the neighboring regions of our space I have not taken this into consideration to it's fullest. For I have dismissed outer-world related events mostly altogether.

Would this alter the designation of a given reality? What if affrairs in different worlds or regions of space affect collectively the end result of a given reality.

All productive comments would be greatly appreciated.

Until later becomes now.
Re: A Temporal Example


Imagine this, what if there was a conflict between two rival tribes here on Earth sevral thousands years ago. What if these two tribes engaged into a very bloody conflict and Tribe A won over Tribe B. The next night a super nova exploded and Tribe A took it as a sign of their dieties approval and benediction. Then out of this came out the Roman Empire. After that we all know what happened in this reality.

Now this seems simple enough but what if that celestial event had taken place a day before and the warriors of Tribe B would have taken it as an omen for victory. What if they would have been so pumped up that they would have taken over the warriors of Tribe A by surprise during the night. Then this people would have taken over, and mayhaps they did, creating an alternate version of our world. All because of a celestial event that should have not taken place.

What if this acceleration of the star going nove happened because of a passing starship that suffered a meltdown, or an exploration sattelite getting to close and absorved into the star's gravity well. Would this change a denomination number or simply create alternate versions for each event. Or would these events be taken collectively to create then alternate version of that multivariable universe.

I welcome sane, respectful and insightful comments. Thank you.

Until later becomes now.
History Free Will and Time are intricately related for we would have not have parallel universe without them. This, then, points out to the importance of our decisions in relation to the quantum structure of the multiverse, or as I should say Prime Temporal Point.

It is this ability to decide that makes up the alternate world that Einstein, Bose and others have spoke about.

Actually, I believe that this is wrong. If you go with parallell universes, the theory is that for every quantum event where there is a choice there are universes where it happened. Do the double-slit test and the photon goes through the left slit? Well, it went through the right one in another universe. Not a ground-breaking event, but it was a quantum event nonetheless.

So, yes, other worlds and events outside the immediate sphere of our existence would create their own universes.

Of course, if you feel that such things have to be linked to consious thought, then the question you're really asking is whether you think any potential aliens out there have the same level of consiousness as we do. Do you have to be self-aware for this to work? Do you have to be above a certain intelligence level? A cat is self-aware, so do it's descisions branch out, or is it too stupid? If it counts with cats, what about insects? If you believe that consiousness ahs to have something to do with it, then where you draw the line is up to you, really.
Friend Trollface

Thanks. However, if what you say is right, then a leaf falling off a tree branch would or would not create an alternate reality. If this does creates a separate quantum reality, or the cat in your example making decision which in the case of mine I think she does, the amount of quantum universes would increase to an infinte number.

But if quantum differentiation takes place as a result to consciousness, which I do not think it does, then the number would be limited to the amount of conscious entities inhabiting this or other universes.

Let us say that the moment the first protein grouped together to form life never occurred in this Earth as a result to a heavy rain splashing down on the mud puddle they were trying to mingle together. I think that would create a very alternate version of this world, but how would that change of events would impact on the rest of this universe. Would a quatum world exist alone and separate from the other events taking place everywhere?

Until later becomes now.

Until later becomes now.
That's a difficult question. I think that the only way that it would affect the rest of the universe (as we stand at the moment) is if you look at what we've done to space. I mean, Voyager may have affected one or two comets or meteors just a little bit, and those tiny things can have had big knock-on effets (deflect a meteor over a tiny, tiny degree and it'll go off course by light-years eventually). And, of course, if we humans manage to kill this planet off in some dramatic way that could affect the orbits of the whole solar system, which cold affect things in the same way.

That said, I don't think that such changes are likely or would be amazingly common. And I certainly don't think that the descision of the cat whether or not to do someting is going to make any difference to those who may live on Andromeda.

Your mentioning the cat brought to mind that old Chinese proverb saying something like "When a butterfly flaps its wings in China, it causes ripples all over the world." Now, many seem to have readapted this proverb and you read of people saying "when a butterfly flaps its wings in Japan it causes an earthquake in Australia, or, when it flaps its wings in New York it causes a hurricane somewhere else...., etc...etc..etc... So, according to some, every single action and maybe even every single thought, can affect the whole universe somehow, to some degree....

Therefore, even your cat, might have some repercussions on Andromeda?!?!
What do you think about this?
I'm sorry...I hadn't read the chrono"psycho"logist posts yet, and wasn't aware that you had been talking about the same butterfly thing...
I don't really think that it's applicable. As it is, the theory is that the butterfly causing the air to move can have a knock-on effect - one air particle affects the next, and so on. Like, maybe, if you drop some ink into a glass of water, the ink slowly swirls about and, rather then the water instantaniously changing colour, the ink spreads out and distributes itself over a matter of a few minutes.

However, for these kind of events to affect other planets, we'd have to be talking about creating events that would make particles achieve escape velocity, not just from the Earth, but the whole solar system. I just don't think that it'd happen quite like that.