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all you really need to know about Time travel according to Physics



Ok here we go. If you want to look at Time Travel you would have to look at the Parallel Universe theory of Physics. I recommend reading Parallel Universes by Fred Allen Wolf. It talks about How there are an infinite amount of parallel universes. If you ever heard of the Schrodingers Cat Paradox you might know about Parallel Universes. He had a cat in the box and asked weather the cat was dead or alive well the answear is that in one Universe the cat is dead and in another the cat is alive. To understand this you would have to know about quantum wave functions and stuff. To get to a parallel Universe u would have to go into a kerr Black hole, "One that rotates", and enter an einstein-rosen bridge, "wormhole", to get into a parallel Universe. But there is a problem. Worm Holes are highly unstable and would collapse if we enter them. How do we solve this? Well we would have to have exotic matter. The problem with worm holes is that you cant tell where u are going. So the other way to time travel would be to create a man made black hole. How do we do this? Well there is an energy called the Planck energy, "Founded by Max Planck", at which is the energy that Time/Space becomes unstable. It is exactly 10 million million million GeV, 10^19, 1 with 19 zeros after it. A particle with that much energy would collapse to a Black Hole. But that energy is so powerful that we wont be able to achieve it untill roughly we become a Civ II in about 1000 years assuming that Technology doubles every 20 years. My conclusion is that Time travel is possible but not for a very long time. Also Time Travel Happends on a small scale all the time. For instance the closer you are to the Earth the faster time ticks and the farther you are the slower it ticks and this has been varified through experiments. Time isnt consistent around the Universe as this says. Time Ticks to its own clock. So if you could travel faster then light then you could travel through time but Faster then light travel is impossible according to Relativity. When you do actually travel through time through a worm hole what your doing is going to another universe. So if you kill your grandfather/Grandma whatever then you arnt born in only that universe and maybe someothers but indeed you are still born since you where actually allowed to be there in the first place. Also I want to state that Time is just an illusion and that The Future indeed effects the present and The Past effects the Present, it just isnt felt. That is also included in the parallel Universe theory. So yes you can go back in time and yes u can go forward in time, but the question is what universe? Find the book Parallel Universes by Fred Allan Wolf and read it for better understanding.

Mad Scientist
All excellent recommendation!

I've added Fred Alan Wolf's book to the TTI Campus Store (as well as "Taking the Quantum Leap", also by Fred Alan Wolf.

the Admin
Re:All excellent recommendation!

Does Fred Wolf discuss the moral implications of his multiverse? For example, there is discussion on this thread that if there is more than one universe, then there are an infinite number of them. Also, if there are an infinite number of them, then anything that is possible has or is or will happen in one of these parallel universes.

If this is the case, then the question shouldn't be "what happens if I kill my Grandfather", but "In what % of parallel universes have I killed my Grandfather, and what does this say about me?"

If in some universe we are a serial killer, in another we are a pedophile, in another we are a genocidal maniac, in another we are the guy who starts WW III and causes all the nukes to be launched, etc. then why not in this world? Is there any room for morality in such a system?
Are we doomed to be a loathesome scumbags in countless universes while achieving decency in a similar or lesser number of them?

I refuse to believe in multiverses until the physicists can come up with some kind of response to the above serious questions. Are they that amoral? Do they secretly WANT to kill their grandfathers? Why are they squandering valuable time in this universe pondering rather esoteric questions of physics when they could be out bilking millions with get-rich-quick infomercials and spending the profits on a life of luxury and decadence?
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