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all these theories are giving me a headache



i haven't read many other posts on this site but would just like to offer my own crappy theory for time travel -
lets say if the time traveller didn't have an identity in the space time continueum - and they lived in some other dimension where the flow of time was completely seperate to that of ours. wouldn't it be plausable for them to alter any part of our history and remain unaffected? i mean, i've read some theories of alternate timelines etc, but wouldn't this be much more contained?? who knows how much history has been re-written by such time travellers - (that was a joke)
-reply or i will alter your pasts :)
(sorry this theory lacked any reference to physics, quantum theories, and what have you)
mojojojo34, Hi! How do WE (in general) hear an answer better, from a friend or from the enemie? "Please" let me know your answer.
Dear Mojo,

This sounds like a very plausible hypothesis. Assuming that you are correct and that a parallel dimension does not contact or transfer energy in a direct manner but through some sort of medium that acts as an insulator, then in deed if the resistance of this medium at all pionts in our universe is sufficient to resist any transfer of information from the parallel dimension to this one, than all actions in the parallel universe that are localized solely in that universe would have no affect on this universe. We must, however, consider the possibility that there may also exist non-localized forces that can co-exist simultaneously in both dimensions. For instance if there is an insulator seperating the two dimensions then no doubt that insulator atleast touches the edge of both dimensions. I believe that such an insulator would possibly exist only at a certain frequency in both dimensions, if it were to exist. What do you think?


Edwin G. Schasteen
This is the first theory on this page that
I agree with (mostly, anyway).
good 2 see so much positive feedback on this topic... however i would like to point out one flaw to my own theory!! lets say if the person from the ''other universe'' re-visited the same time period twice?? i know u could all probably think up some totally plausable idea which could cover up this flaw, but here's my own:
have u heard of the 'bucket theory'? (its either on this site or some other site). well it says if imagine that the universe at any frame in time is a bucket full of water to the BRIM, and if a time traveller enters that time, it is like plunging a fist into the full up bucket (u get my point). does this cancel out the possbility of time travel (not quite) because perhaps this means the time traveller can only stay in for a limited amount of 'time', before having to hop off again, to prevent the universe from becoming unbalanced. this means that time travellers surely can't hang around long enough to cause any substantial damage. now lets say these time travellers (which are from another dimension remember - so they have not identity whatsoever in our space time continueum), show up at a time, and kill some people. wouldn't this in effect, give them an identity?, or a history in the space time continueum?
aha, so this is where my super duper theory comes in: when a time traveller leaves a point in time, he/she uproots all history of his/her presence in that time. confused?? well, lets just say that that part of history is re-written as soon as the time traveller departs. so, you ask, what is the point of him/her going there in the first place?? well, lets say if he/she kills some people, when he/she leaves, history will be re-written so that those people aren't murdered, but die of some spontaneous disease. pretty cool no? or say if the time traveller saves someone's life, when he/she leaves, history will be re-written so that that person just gets lucky and lives on. also, when a time traveller leaves a time period, every 'mortal' he/she came into contact with will have no knowledge that that time traveller ever showed up.

this way (in theory) the time traveller could revisit the same time period and not spawn some tedious paradox. the fact that he/she is not part of the 'system' means that he/she has no place in time anyways.
(just thought i'd add that!)
Guys I feel happy somehow you read and remember my theories. I don't care if you believe or not, I don't care what a friend tells me. For me enemies don't exist. Imagine a device that activates the truth instead of time. I would want you to use it on me. This is hard to believe but I'm beginning to enjoy the way you talk about me even if you offend me.
Guys this is serious. I'm 25 years old and have more dreams than a kid. How could you lost those dreams? I know sad stuff. This has happen to everyone at least encourage to have more hopes. Come on guys you must have something little in there and you're hiding it. Keep playing with me is what I always want it, and keep it for real. Time for me doesn't run, and dreams are not fantasy.
Guys Guys Guys I strongly believe we have a very different theory. I strongly suggets we cooperate. (Listen to this please): "If we were dominoes which one of us goes first"? (listen to your answer)? "please" I believe I have some very important research at my lab...."lab" did I said it before? Please reply. wait, let me explain: Lab means a very accurate room for services, that's all guys!!!!!!
rgrunt, my respects! If you allow me to correct something, I'll let you correct something for sure. Got the message? my friends! You forgot to write the whole name to which you referred. I think I'm doing a favor, please understand.
Celebi, Please feel free to correct. That is why I post is to recieve critiques.

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