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Aliens and time travel, an oversight


Temporal Novice
In one post that I made here I got Darby mad at me.I see now only with time why he did and the error was within me.As I have said, I have gone throuigh some comnsiderable changes.So maybe I see a little bit closer up from memories that are now enacted in my new personage, some of the self justifications some use for committing genocide against a people.

While I am both pleased and delighted at Darby's show of humanity concerning his fellow man, I might as well mention this, there is one additional oversight for me, that I did not mention.

This situation has to do with time travel and works like so.Even though you can travel into the future to predict issues to come, by looking around, you cannot come back in time saying that what you have seen is one hundred percent correct.The reason that this predicament is so, is that time traveling to other eras in a measure can act as a temporary tube.

In other words, what one sees around them may be all correct for just your view only.However remember that this appartus of view, is only a temporary tube or tunnelway of assessment.It is possible for that future you have seen to completely change.This one feature to the viewing apparatus is what's confounding many time travel experts.

Here is the oversight and I must be graphic within my description.In the injury of the Pleiadian known as Semjase the Pleiadean, and this is pronounced as the word Sem-ya-zee, after she had sustained injury, one of her friends from another area of space, had found a race of beings to repair her injury known as the Sonases.

The rest of the Pleiadeans were surprised, as they had never even heard of these beings.Know that the Pleiadeans had extensively traveled in space, so one would expect them to know just about everything.

What I am predicting is that a race of very advanced beings may invade Earth in the future.Simply as I can put this, is because they are coming in at an angle to the viewing of what predicted events are to come, out of all that is known about an era.

My guess is that they will be very advanced and almost unstoppable by the aliens that this government supposedly is entertaining here in secret.The reason the Pleiadeans did not know of the Sonases, singular, (Sonas), is that their motives had been as described in the second book UFO Contact From The Pleiades book two by UFO Photo Archives, is that all along their motives for being here had been selfish.The Pleiadian constabulary did not know about the large headed aliens, with extreme mental powers connected to their technologies.

So if the Pleiadeans did not know of the Sonas because of mixed motives, what else are they short fallen about?

As said in the second book a sect of the Pleiadeans had abducted a man named Lyle from Minnesota for his seed and this was given, let's say cajoled from him as a product of trickery by the Pleiadeans.What I'm saying as a composite analysis here, is that you cannot predict the future away from a probable alien invasion.http://www.amazon.com/UFO-Contact-Pleiades-Preliminary-Investigation/dp/0960855823

I know that there is supposed to be one by the link source given, but in time this first fake one will have been found out.It is then I estimate, that the second real invasion will come.


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