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A Time Travel Theory Revisited


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Okay, I posted my theory on time travel a few days ago and didn't seem to jingle any bells.
I just bought a magazine that gives a reference to a physicist who has a theory that can support my thinking.
Here is the link:
James Barbour - http://www.edge.org/3rd_culture/bios/barbour.html

Below is a quote from my original post. Read and lets get some real dialogue going here.

"I have tried to take my ideas about time travel out of the box. For me the box is physical existance. It seems that most concepts of time travel occur at the physical level. I don't think time travel can happen at the physical level. Lets think of time as an artificialy imposed perspective necessary to experience existance on a linear timeline. Thinking in terms that our lives, with all their possibilities, exist in total already and we are programed to see time only in cross-section moments.
In order to travel in time, we must discover the mechanism in our brains that define our concept of time. We then learn how to affect that mechanism, thus allowing us to experience existance from a quantum perspective. In doing so we are able to "travel" the expanse of quantum existance, not as a physical beings but as a consciencous beings at the quantum level.
Is astral projection a forerunner experience to time travel? Do things like precognition and psychic abilities have a connection to accessing the quantum field?
Since I am new to this forum and have never had a chance to discuss my ideas with anyone, I don't know if this concept has been expressed before."

All you are saying is that time and matter are qualitativly different. I agree. Getting the details of how they are different is the hard part...ah yeah what I'm supposed to say here is "I think you are on the right track".

There is a quantum theory interpretation called "Many Minds". It is out of favor at the moment, for being too damn far out. (hint-hint) Time would be considered a subset of mind.

"The world is not just crazier than we imagine, it is crazier than we can imagine." __________Erwin Scrodenger (one of the founding fathers of quantum physics)
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