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A Theory



I do believe that it may be possable to travel in time using our own life cycle. I call it the spiral theory. If you plot the track of a spiral from the centre, over time, you end up with an sine wave that decreases in frequency and amplitude, however, the "track" length is increased. This shows a decrease in energy applied.
I have a thoery, based on speculation at the moment, that this pattern exists in our own bodies, at a subconsious level. We are carried in life along this track. Look at the pattern. We start each wave (birth) and with boundless energy, grow and reach the top of the crest, here we loose our energy and fall to the trough (death)
I have called this the ETA wave.
We repeat this cycle for each wave, however the amplitude and frequency is distinct for each one.
If the ETA wave within us could be modulated, we could in theory occupy that point in time.
If you have any comments, please Email me

I'm just interested to know where you propose that life begins on your "sin wave of life". Okay I'll just use this analogy for now, but do you mean that birth occurs at Pi/2 or at zero on the x-axis. I'm just wondering because must interpretations of waves begin at an origin and if this is the case resulting in your wave looking like an upside-down 'u' what happens under the x-axis.

Hope you followed that.
Re:Re:A Theory

Thankyou for your comments. To be honest I haven't thought aboought the beginning because it didn't seem relevant to the theory. As for Below the X axis, as it is a transgresion of energy, I believe the wave will have a positive shift, nominal to the first amplitude (what ever that is!) or the case could be negative, a discussion for an anti-matter existance.

I thankyou again for you comments, it's all food for thought.

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