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A theory on the qunta



I dont know if this if a new theory but i do know it contains idea's from the string theory. A quanta is suposidly a partical of light with No mass but thenit shouldnt have matter if it doesnt have mass my theory aims to explain this. Acording to the string theory subsubatomic particals are one dimentional vibrating strings if a quanta were merly a bunch of subsubatomic particles positioned to fprm a wireframe sphere it would create what would apear to be a 3d sphere but still have no mass thusly explaining the quanta!

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My interpretaion on string theory

I was just thining about the string theory... supposidly all subsubatomic particles are 1 dimentional vibrating strings and sub atomic particles are made of these and thusly regular particles like neutrons are made of these if thus is true NOTHING would have mass which we know is not true... my idea is if these particles are vibrating then they may act like mini gyroscopes and when you have a large object made up of uncountable number of these all the mini-gyros will risist change in position, speed or direction which would explain why large seemingly massive objects behave the way they do with technically no matter (the strings create sphirical wireframs giving the particles there structure)... i added this as a reply to my quanta theory thing cause the diffrence in the quanta (in my thorie) is the quanta's strings ARENT vibrating thusly giving it the ability to have no mass and infinite acceleration!
Re:My interpretaion on string theory

First, neutrons are composed of quarks. That idea has not changed. The quarks are supposedly the vibrating strings just as all the previous point particles, i.e. leptons, field quanta, etc... The strings are not one-dimensional though they are two dimensional. They are only one-dimensional if the strong coupling constant is kept below 1 in the theory. String theory is a theory of 11 dimensions. It was a ten dimensional theory however a few years ago they realized that all of the sub-classes of the theory could be united into a larger theory by adding an additional dimension hence the 11 dimensions. As far as them being massless, that is also incorrect. According to the theory, the string's "mass" arises from its tension which is enormous. This huge tension results in a huge energy=mass for the string which is reduced to the small energy which we measure in the lab through the chaotic quantum fluctations of space time on the Planck scale. In other words, the quantum fluctations act as a negative energy which reduces the energy of the string.
Re:My interpretaion on string theory

If you are interested in string theory, the recent book by Brian Greene is good titled "The Elegant Universe". It is not mathematical and provides a good explanation behind the theory and how it is trying to merge quantum field theory and general relativity.
Re:Re:My interpretaion on string theory

Thank you for the reference.

Getting these two sciences to reconcile would go a long way toward Dr. Hawking's "Theory of Everything" which used to be called Unified Field theory.

Us laymen would sure appreciate it since right now, these two sciences are still at enough odds with each other that "an honest man just doesn't who ta trust anymore".

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