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A Problem, a challenge, can you solve it?


Temporal Novice
Inspired by the idea of this web site with Instructions on inviting time travellers, I realise that this can be made to an open challenge.
As members of this particular message board forum, we all believe that time travel is, was, or will some day be a reality. We (collective "we") think there will come a day when time travel becomes as common practice as, say, space travel or even better, bicylce riding through the park. Whether time travel will be under the exclusive domain of some govt. agency or controlled and commericalised by some private corporation or be it some public govt. agency that is mis-managed and does not advanced the true nature of its original intent cf. NASA currently, or may be humans of the future will be lucky enough that some future Ford or BMW manufactures and sells family sedan-like causality violators i.e. time machines on the open market just as Ford and Honda sell automobile to-day.
Given this hope and assumption that time travel will come to be/is/was, the a key question remains for us. Shall we live long enough to witness and more importantly have a chance to experience time travel for ourselves? Can we expect that some day in the near future i.e. within our lifetime (within the next 30-40 years), that time travel will become available to the public? With hope and expectations, we do and we wait for that day; optimistic that time travel will become a recreational activity like bicylcing through the local park or may be at worst like a NASA space shuttle mission. Which ever the case may be, our hope is to experience time travel for ourselves and wanting to communicate with those who have/will come to have that ability to time travel.
Consider for a moment that time travelling will come to be (as is the hope we all share in our hearts) and that there may be a chance to experience time travel if and only if we manage to solve the following problem. As we hope there will exist time traveller(s) from the future (or some other time), how do we persuade the(se) time traveller(s) to visit us? In other words, imgaine the following possibilities:
(1) Time Travel is controlled by a secret govt. agency
(2) Time Travel becomes the exclusive property of some academic institution conducting research into the past e.g. time-travel archaeology, or time-travelling historians, or time travelling sociologist who travel to various times into their past investigating and performing research for their next academic paper and lecture
(3) Time Travel becomes a public mass transit option like the New York subway or the London Underground but, obviously, albeit with a different range of destinations
(4) Time Travel is like a NASA space shuttle mission in which the agency that controls time travel missions mis-manages its finances, limits the number of actual chrononauts from a pool of millions of applicants, and has too few missions to warrent and maintain public interest
(5) Time Machines may become as common place technology and property like the automobile is to-day.
Then given these possibilites, how does one organise a means of persuading a time traveller to visit them?
The Problem:
How does one persuade a time traveller to come visit them, given any one of the previous mentioned possibilities for the state of time travel, especially when one is not an important historical figure like Einstein, Lee Harvey Oswald, Alexander the Great, or Bradd Pitt?
I invite discussion, but I prefer actual practical solutions as to how to invite or to bait any time traveller to come visit me. (email me at [email protected])
1. Time travel is controlled by a government agency in my time but it isn't secret.

2. I am a time travelling historian

3. you can only go back in time if the government let you.

4. nobody can watch time travelling on a tv screen if thats what you mean.

5. no they won't

A time traveller is not allowed to visit people. if they tried then a time guard would stop them.

But to get a time traveller to visit you it might be a good idea to buy a rare piece of history like a painting then a couple of years later destroy it. If the painting is interesting enough thy will come and save it but you will probably never see them because they would probably beam it out but if they don't they would probably be willing to pay a lot more than the asking price.
If you're interested in having a serious discussion, just ignore Chrono.

Hmm, practical ways to attract time-travellers? Bury a time capsule with a note?

Other than that, I don't know, really, but I'll give it some thought.
Sorry, I was more interested in making sure that you weren't frightened off the forum by Chrono's nonsense than answering your question, but thought I should say something relevent to your question nonetheless.
To take you seriously, the reply will be simple and quick:

1. Time travel is controlled by a government agency in my time but it
isn't secret.
implies either option #3 or #4 I listed.

2. I am a time travelling historian implies something like possiblity option #2

A time traveller is not allowed to visit people. if they tried then a time guard would stop them. implies that any invitation to a time traveller will fall on the proverbial deaf ears. So there is my answer. Don't bother because no time traveller will ever visit anyone, no matter what.

But to get a time traveller to visit you it might be a good idea to buy
a rare piece of history like a painting then . . .
implies that whatever scheme devised to meet a time traveller will backfire.

Conclusion, unless you, "Chronohistorian", are willing to visit me here at my university campus in the here & now and allow me to taxi with you in time travelling, then all hope of ever experiencing time travel is gone. Whether or not time travel becomes to past, according to you, the present day ordinary Joe has no chance to ever experience time travel themselves, hence Joe et. al. should stop wasting time discussing, imagining, hoping, expecting, and thinking about time travel. Save that for when it becomes a reality, if ever. Which implies, let us close all the message boards discussing time travel because there is no point.
Then, please, do not tease us with your presence. It is better not to know that there is a time traveller who is un-willing to help in our company than it is to speculate about meeting a time traveller.

To be told sorry, although I am doing what you want to do, I'm not sharing the experience because . . . (the reason does not matter because the result -- or rather, the lack there of -- is the same), nothing comes from in-action and deprivation except pain and saddness.

Good, bye.

Your point is well expressed and you get to the point of the whole matter with Chrono--what purpose does he have here or anywhere. As far as I can see--none. He knows nothing of our time so he cannot "give" us anything of value in the here and now. He cannot tell us anything of value of "his time" so, again, he gives us nothing of value. What is the purpose? He only "takes". It is obvious that he "believes" in his future. I can almost see the similarity between him and the Columbine killers and many others like them that see no solutions here and are full of hate. His "vision" of a communistic society that "controls" every aspect of life down to the very thought level as an acceptable way of life is not acceptable to anyone here that I can see. It really is not about the poor science. It is about a "mindset" that is prevalent among kids his age. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to realize that it takes the current situation in the world to create such a twisted mindset. It would not fit into any other generation that I know of. Each generation produces its own "signature". His signature is all over what he tries to convey. Everyone here knows it.

I didn't have a problem when he had his own thread and anyone could go in and play. Now that the nonsense is spreading to other threads, it defeats the whole purpose and is annoying to boot. As a result, I have decided to add my voice to the others who feel that this has gone on long enough. I think Trollface was correct in trying to warn you not to take this "kid" seriously. What we need is to "attract" intelligence to this forum to the benefit of all and not let a "troll" bring us all down to his level of intelligence. I, for one, welcome your ability to "organize" your thoughts in a coherent way and get your point across without stepping on toes hard. That takes maturity.
Professor Faustus,

I read a story once about a man who programmed his pet AI to travel back in time and retreive him, no matter how long it takes before it's invented. Maybe this sort of method could be useful? Preprogrammed retreivel instructions in a machine that will last for generations, perhaps?

Ahh Chrono... killing another thread with your ridiculous time travel fantasies... I don't understand why you don't post this on another section of the forum. Can you please explain? give it up already, little one. go outside and play with the other kids. Your story of time travel is really a joke. There are sooo many holes in your story it's silly. Please.. stop annoying us with this crap.
zerubbabel-we are not communist (everyone go woohoo because I never said I aren't) we are allowed to have our own business and have money. the only thing we share out is food.

Our government doesn't control everything. we have freedom of speech and other freedoms like you.

1stBorn-I am not joking. If my predictions come true will you believe me then?
1stBorn-I am not joking. If my predictions come true will you believe me then?
To be perfectly honest with you, I don't even read %50 of the garbage you post. I knew you were full of it after your first post.

Lets make a deal... You stop posting this crap on this board, sit back and wait to see if you are correct about what you have stated, If it comes true.. you come back on this board and post as much as you like about your so called time travel... deal?

What really cracks me up is that you must sit around all day thinking about your lies. I don't think you have convinced one person on this board that you are actually a time travel. Anyone, please correct me if I'm wrong. Does ANYONE believe this guy?

Really, get a life champ. I'm sick of reading threads that have the potentail of being intellectual conversations get turned into a "I predict this and here's why you should believe me" B.S. session. There's a seperate place on this forum for such talk. Go dry hump your time guard and post some place else /ttiforum/images/graemlins/yum.gif
there are atleast 3 people who believe me. one of which is cpguy (I think).

this is what I have predicted that will happen in the near future:

1. civil war in iraq
2. civil war in zimbabwe
3. big ben gets hit and there are 3 other terrorist attacks on the uk and then they have martial law for three months
4. the pope dies.
5. britney spears will pose nude
6. an asteroid or nuke will hit russia killing 3 million people
7. ossama bin laden will be caught and then islamic radicals will free him.
1. No $hit! It Doesn't take a time traveler to reveal that. If you said it ten years ago and gave a date, maybe... too late on that one scooter.

2. You think? Once again, obvious.

3. We'll see... how about a date? ... (shake it real good)..and your magic 8 ball says?

4. As has every other before him.. that's a stupid prediction, one of a 5th grader. The guy's walking dead already.

5. I'd love to see it and I'm sure it will happen. And all of the other pop devas have a good shot at it too once their album sales go down. Once again, obvious.

6. We'll see. I think eventually an asteroid will hit it at some point between now and the total destruction of the planet.... be specific if you want to attempt to fool anyone with this.

7. There's not a chance!

your predictions stink, you're story's so ridiculous and NOBODY BELIEVES YOU!

Does Anyone?
Re, Chrono:

Yeah' Iraq is now a mess and should be one in the future.

Russia, wow?!

(Puts arm around Chronohistorian, messes up hair, and spits candybar with him, sitting on the steps.))

Good kid, proud of you!.......?

3. It happens within 7 years. big ben gets hit by a small private plane

6. 2007 is the year of it happening

7. ok will you believe me if this happens?

sorry for hijacking the thread but I didn't mean to.

I think I will give you another prediction:

namibia will go the way zimbabwe is now
I've got a time traveler in my basement, at first i couldn't believe it either, i mean, the rent is really high for this area, but he decided to stay anyway. He's nice, doesn't shower that often, has a pet parakeet named ralph, man that thing keeps me up at night. all you gotta do is put an ad in the paper 'looking for time traveler' or something like that, they'll come.

In case you guys havn't figuredit out yet, i'm joking.
My basement isn't even finished. I don't have a tennant.