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a new way to look at time travel and i need help!



ok yall i got a thery for you.
lets say a man knows the exact date he is going to die. He travles into the future (one way or another) and is put 2 min. before he is suppose to die.
will he be alive in 2 1/2 min?
With all the stuff i have read on the subject, common sense has been absent.
now if the man died because of a 2 year period of exstensive eating, would he still die?
if he sees himself die of such a thing,go back in time,and go on a diet, its like a second chance at life.
secondly, and more importantly, i am going to make a video game about four teens who go into the future.
I have an idea on how to acheve this but i need yall to tell me if it was possible.
they go into a wormhole and go into the future in the exact same spot they went into.
now for time travel to be acheived lets say that the wormhole supplys its own infinite energy and it transfers that energy into a bubble that protects whatever is inside the wormhole. It also accelerates to the speed of light. The wormhole bends into space and then bends back.(like if u took to identical sisters and put one in a spaceship to go around pluto and come back. the one on the ship will be much older) will this work?

"If its not dead, its not within one hundred feet of me"
your ideas are jumbled up. Looks like even you don't know what you are thinking. Sort youor thoughts and then write again.

do it if you want answer. Right now you are in fantasy world, come back to reality, then only you can go to scientific world. Science is 2 steps from you right now.
If you travelled into the future, you would simply need to approach the speed of light. This possibility is a direct result of the time dilation effect of special relativity. It has been verified experimentally with point particles accelerated to velocities close to the speed of light. You would not need the use of an Einstein-Rosen bridge to accomplish this feat. Actually, in the so called twin "paradox", which is not a real paradox, the twin who was in the accelerated frame will be the younger twin, i.e. the one that went to Pluto and back. True temporal paradoxes fall into one of two classes: Bootstrap paradoxes, and consistency paradoxes. The twin "paradox" is not a paradox but instead is a result of using an non-inertial frame, since the starship must decelerate and return to its starting point. PS. Rgrunt, I will look at what you wrote. By the way, I said I was a doctoral student in physics, which means I am in the process of obtaining my Ph.D. in physics not that I already have it. However, I can still inform you that there are problems with what you are suggesting. I will get back to you later on it.
(lets say a man knows the exact date he is going to die. He travles into the future (one way or another) and is put 2 min. before he is suppose to die.
will he be alive in 2 1/2 min?)

Yes, that older version of you will die. you are in another worldline or timeline. And even if your are not, you said it "supposed to die".
ok maby i shuld clear some things up for u people.
the game i am making will be based on a thery i have and losely based on fact.
see, the charaters have to "accedentaly" time travle and must find another wormhole in the future that will take them back.
secondly, about the man who is suppose to die.
What i ment to type was would the TIME TRAVELING guy be dead if he is in the future AFTER his older version dies.
also i have one more thing to ask...
paradoxes are going to be a big problem in my game because the charaters interact with themselfs in the future(they talk and fight together and with eachother) so far i havent come up with a way to break the paradox because in the sequels i start a secretive program that protects the wormhole and time travlers.
before i go overboard with my small brain, YES i am VERY unexspereanced in the basis of time travel, but thats why im asking u exsperts bout all this to give me the tech side.
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