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A few thoughts on navigating time




I have been reading your site with interest, as I have been trying to resolve an issue that has been puzzling me. I have a website, www.cybermike.za.net on which I have posted some articles that I have written. The series is entitled, Legends of the Gods. I have a basic premise which is :

Time travel is not prohibited by any specific law of nature, infact, there are a number of theoretical models that substantiate it, and just as manned flight was a theoretical possibility to Leonardo da Vinci, just so is time travel a theoretical possibility to us. Like Leonardo, we lack the materials and the mechanisms, but, ultimately, they will be researched and developed and, one day, time travel will become a reality. It could be a hundred, a thousand, a million years in the future, it doesn't matter, because one day in the future, mankind will acquire the ability to move through time and when he does, he will go to our past.

I look about me at things in the past and I see things that contain information that was not available in that time to man at his present state of intellect. How did he acquire that information ? Someone must have told him. And, I don't think it was a bunch of aliens, I think it was a bunch of humans FROM a future time.

I am going to take a pot shot at your botched suicide (or grandfather) paradox, because I think it is invalid. Here goes :

As we sit here, there are an infinite number of futures that stretch out ahead of us. You can stay seated in front of your computer, or you can get up, you can get up and go for a walk, or you can go and pick up a gun, you can cross the road after looking, or you can cross the road without looking, you can make it across the road, or maybe you can get hit by a truck. Can we say with any certainty which one of an infinite number of alternative futures you may be in tomorrow ? No, we cant. But the question is, of those possible futures, which one exists ? Because, there is most defiantly a future, and it does exist. And as I sit here I have the ability to choose which possible future I want to bring INTO existence. I choose to bring the future INTO existence in which, by tomorrow this time, I am once again sitting in front of my computer and not lying on a slab in a morgue somewhere.

Now, the mind is an interesting thing, for it is capable of perceiving events that occurred in other times. Call them ghosts or premonitions, or deja vu or memories of past lives, or just plain instinct. Now, I don't want to go all wooo wooo here but, I have been led to these conclusions by my own personal experiences and by the experiences of others and by hard scientific fact.

Let us say you were speeding down the road and you came upon a slow moving truck and you were about to overtake and you had a premonition of something bad, an inexplicable emotional surge of fear, even though there was no reason for it, you slowed down, and didn't overtake the truck, but looked at the road ahead with greater caution. Then suddenly without warning, the truck, without warning made a sudden turn, and you realize that if you hadn't slowed down, you would have been a mangled mess under it's wheels. You breath a quiet little prayer to the almighty and thank him for blessing you with a strong sense of premonition, or a 'sixth sense'

Now, here is the paradox, if I sensed my doom in my future, and I acted upon it, and modified my behavior and did not meet my doom, then, how could I have sensed an event that actually never happened ? That is because all futures exist. All the possible alternative futures exist and we are able to perceive echoes of our future emotion. And some futures have a greater probability of happening and some have a lesser probability. And, the greater the probability, the stronger the emotional echoes we can 'hear' FROM that future.

Now, your suicide paradox ...

The you that on Christmas day, sits in front of the computer and spends his time designing and building a time machine is headed off INTO a specific future. In that future, the machine is constructed, and you come back to greet yourself on Christmas day. The fact of the matter is that there are now two physical you's in that room, and at that point in time you have branched both iterations of 'you' INTO an alternative future, a future that will be just as real as the future in which the first you built the time machine. A different future in which you may, or may not build a time machine. And, like the analogy of a tree, you have headed off along an alternative branch. And, while the future branch in which you built the time machine exists, along with all other possible futures in numerous other branches, those particular branch will forever more be inaccessible to you, unless, you build another time machine in this existence, go back to that fork, and head off again along the original branch. And, the peoples that were in that first future in which i invented the time machine, they didn't cease to exist just because I left, they too are all mirrored in an infinte number of alternative existences.

I'm sure you've heard of the infinite alternative universe theory ... well, it's valid, and as there are infinite alternative universes, so are there infinite alternative existences, and futures.

Did you ever wonder how a prophet was able to make a prophecy ? That was because he/she was able to percieve a future which by the balance of probabilities was going to come to pass forward FROM that moment in time. However, HAVING made the prophecy, he automaticaly shifted himself INTO an alternative future. As he made more and more accurate prophecies, so people paid heed to his prophecies, modified their behaviour, and then, the futures that he prodicted no longer came to pass. In fact that particular existence didn't pass INTO that future.

So, HAVING had first hand experience of the phenomena, and being one who is prone to future 'dreams', I wanted to understand the mechanics by which these phenomena occur. I didn't want to become a fortune teller or a prophet or goodness knows whatever, but, being a scientific and technical person, I wanted to fully understand the nuts and bolts that turned within each other to make this phenomena of 'time shifting' work. And yes, I have done a lot of research and even a bit of experimentation ... much to much to go INTO this already too long email.

But, here is the bottom line, I am 'almost' convinced that future man has been to our past, and there are traces and clues. I invite you to read some of the articles I have written in exploring this phenomena, and I welcome any comment you may have on either this email or the articles I have written.

Best regards, and compliments of the season to all.

very interesting. I have seen the future and it scares me. I just can't figure out why. mostly these come as dreams although they feel so real. I dreamed that my friend died and 4 days later she was dead. I also dreamed I was on a plane with JF Kennedy JR. and the plane started going down.The next day on the news I heard that he had died in a crash. I dreamed of a flood in India and 3 days later it flooded and killed a bunch of people. I know I have this gift but what good is it. I can't save anyone and why would I want to. It's just crazy. I also have other dreams of aliens which I don't believe are just dreams. It's hard to stay in this reality with all this going on.
I did learn to leave my body but the energy it took was tremendous. I think thats why there aren't a whole lot of people doing it. Yogis and shamans do it but the price is high. You basically have to give up this life to aquire the energy to do it.Well I kinda got off the subject but as you can see I think all this stuff is connected. I spent a year secluded in the moutains. trying to get control of this with no success
so I gave up. It almost drove me crazy. So now when the visions come I just say oh well and go on with my life.

wow you are soo right. i thought of simaler things but all of my friends think im nutz...im not ganna say my age but i am still in high school...and none of this makes sence to any of my friends but i really understand this...wow it feels sooo much better to relize that im not alone!!!

umm y are you giving up on such a great gift...it might be frusterating...and forsure i am not trying to be able to understand...but i am trying to tell you, as a person who doesnt posess this gift, that it is a great gift and i would be sooo happy to have it. i donr have a gift... i am equily good at every subject in school but dont get good grades soo i basicly dont have a future. im dislexic so i have always struggled and have never given up on anything i didnt have to. i have nothing special about me. so be greatful that you do!
You have much to be grateful for. Let me tell you my husband also is a little dyslectic. He can't even get past the first page of a book without a whole lot of effort usually he just gives up. But you know he's got a mouth that just doesn't stop. You see hes a salesman and salesmans make there money by talking . He also loves people. He can strike up a converstation with anybody. So you see everybody has a place in this world. The trouble for you is you don't believe you can do anything. Believe in yourself and your true talents will make themselves known to you.
am I nutz,
tell me about your experiences. you are not nutz. Most people don't talk because they fear ridicule. But since we got this here computer thing we can say what we want. I live in the bible belt, Apalachian moutains. You think your cazy. You should come here and hang out. I don't think theres a weirder bunch in the whole country. And by the way I don't talk like that really .I was just making fun. No seriously tell me what you think.

Wow, I can share your thoughts on this, I have it too, but mine aren't as important, mine are really stupid things in my life, nothing big that will affect me, I ususally hve them two months to a year in advance, only problem is I dont remember them until it's too late, don't give up on that gift, something important may happen and you will know about it, my friend has terrible reocuuring dreams and he feels they may be telling him that is what he must do, he's had alot of creepy things happen to him too, and he lived across from an abandoned house with an adress of 66 6, minus the space, weird stuff happened there too, and to him and his friends, It creeps me out, but I want to go see the house for myself.

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