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2 questions must be answer!!


Is there an exact industrie's inventory, on the contiment case, for the G.E. Time displacement unit?This would be is this case listed in a catalog anywhere now?

This case looks to be a rocket launch portable carrying case?

Two, how do the electrons get to the outer event shell, needed to make plus or minus time, from the center console.?

I don't see any kind of apparatus on the time travel unit, in order to accomplish this task?

write back.. /ttiforum/images/graemlins/confused.gif
Said John Titor

This is what I was thinking Jacin'

The main case of the Titor time machine, is like the ones used that I've seen in pictures for the old Pershing cabled to, remote launch controls.

This is a long cable, that is attached to a large box, just as the said pictures of Titor's machine show.

If this case is found via a catalog search, then this would pin a date at least, to where and what generation of military hardware this might be, or as to whether this is a company product?

I don't know, but I certainly will keep looking.

2.As you had said Jacin, in order to inject electrons to the double shelled Kerr event globes, there must be an injector boos, in order to do this.

In the photos of the time machine, one sees no such photos of any kind of apparatus that does this.

In all of the Titor interviews and discussion prompted both by Darby and Pamela, there is no answering as to how these electrons are pumped into the outer shell?

This is unless there is a multidimensional injector apparatus ind siode of the time machine workings, that is not revealed for either security purposes, or Titor did not provide the explanation?

I don't know Jacin, these two questions glare at the veracity of all the Titor claims, as these questions have not been answered.

What is interesting, is mention of said John Titor's Corvette Stingray, which was mentioned earlier, in the Titor epidoses.

Pam, did you mention this earlier on, or was this John Himself?
Re: E yozo eeyozo eeeyozo

Me barksoup toner.
Picture win for cactus.
Event 47 is chrono.
Look-ee look-ee phosphate is climbing in irregularity.
Sun closure is frozen on tri-line.

I am so @#$%ing tired of the Creedo crazy BS gibberish.

There are some lucid moments and then wham. I swear he
must be using some of BS generator for all of this crap.
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