Your favorite meals

What are your go-to favorite meals of all time?

For me, one of them is probably Swedish meatballs. Not too wet, meatballs not too big (small enough to eat in one bite), proper egg noodles. Nice and simple one-dish meal.

Brined Thanksgiving-style turkey (soaked as long as possible) is another. stuffing and green bean casserole. That’s more of a once in a while meal for obvious reasons though.

Macaroni and Cheese made with large shells that is then baked. Yum!

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One of my favorite meals has to be poutine.

I love most burgers too, at home or at a restaurant. Big thick burgers with a lot of good stuff in there. I’ll eat McDonald’s burgers sometimes, they’re okay, but I’m talking about REAL BURGERS here! :smile:

I miss proper poutine. When I lived in Canada for a short while, New York Fries was my absolute favorite place to go. I’d make special trips to the mall in Ottawa specifically to get a good dish of poutine.

There’s probably better version of the dish, but when I saw a place selling fries with gravy and cheese, there was no way I couldn’t fall in love with it. Cheese curds are hard to get here, even in Portland (with the Tillamook cheese factory just a couple hours away) that sort of thing was only sold in artisanal type grocery stores.

Normally we just use mozzarella and a little cheddar when we make it at home, It’s still really good but not the same as squeaky cheese.

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@Halnauer! Don’t forget the bacon. :bacon:


My favorite food is pickle chips :cucumber: and Mcdonalds French Frys

OMG, pickle chips are awesome! They’re the best!!

@ghost_girl , I thought you were going to say you love ghost peppers! :wink:

I mean I do like spicy stuff but not that spicy

Same here.

I bought a can of Pringles chips “Hot ones” flavored. They’re pretty hot on the tongue. Wow! I reach my limit after about 5 to 8 of them.

They taste amazing, though. Sometimes, spicy hot chips are hot, but taste bad. These “hot ones” Pringles taste amazing.

have you ever tasted Takis

No I haven’t! I’ve never seen these before.

Most of their flavors look pretty spicy, right? :fire:

I bet they taste great!

they like tortilla chips rolled up with spicy powder on it

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They also make for an interesting bathroom experience. :hot_pepper:

maybe for you lol :wink: