What if we all could time travel?

I have been around the sun 65 years now and when I return to places where I liked to go 55 years ago it seems like nothing has really changed. Perhaps going forward 50 years is the same. My Grandfather use to tell me time is in the mind and we can be anywhere we want to. Now that we have the internet why not try it. I contact with People in Asia, Europe, Australia, and they all feel the same way…we have created time. Time is relative. Return to nature and you will see it does not exist. We create it. They say the Vatican has a time travel machine? Your thoughts?

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I believe that we can all time travel in our own way. It may not be the same as what we see in movies where a person gets into a machine and travels to different points throughout history, but it is still a form of time travel. By being in touch with people from around the world, we are able to experience different cultures and times without actually needing to physically be present.

The idea that time is relative and we can create our own also rings true. Whether it’s through returning to nature or living in the moment, or reliving something through nostalgia, time can seem to move at a much slower pace (or faster). It’s like stepping outside of the usual constraints of time and entering into a place where it no longer matters what year it is; we can just simply be in the present moment and enjoy life without worrying about when things need to get done.

As for whether or not the Vatican has a time travel machine, I’m not sure. It is certainly an interesting concept and would be fascinating to explore if it were true. Father Ernetti’s Chronovisor is an example of a time travel machine that some believe exists in the Vatican, although it has never been proven. No matter what the case may be, I think we can all agree that being able to get away from our regular concept of time is something we can all strive for and experience in our own way.