Welcome to the Time Travel Institute BBS

The Time Travel Institute BBS is a place to discuss time travel, homesteading, nostalgia and other curiosities. We are a community of free thinkers, curious minds and those who have a desire to return to the golden age of bulletin boards.

This iteration of the TTI BBS marks a reset in our 24 year history, a way to refocus and redefine our community in order to return to that golden age. Along those lines, we’re also setting the stage for taking a different direction moving forward, into 2023 and beyond. - “The way forward is the way back”.

If you’re looking for the previous version of the boards, you can find it here., and more information about this reset can be found here.

On this BBS, you’ll find several areas for discussion:

Time Travel
For the discussion of all things time travel, such as thought experiments, radionics, general theories, predictions/prophecies and more. You’ll also find a subforum for time travel claims, so if you’re a chrononaut interested in sharing your story, we welcome you to do so.

Homesteading & Survival
The way forward is the way back. In this forum we’ll discuss how to return to a simpler way of life. Cosmo and his family purchased 16 acres of Ozark homestead, and you’ll find updates on our adventures there too.

Curious Cosmos
From Aliens & UFOlogy to Weird Science and everything in between, Curious Cosmos is a place to discuss fringe topics and theories

Chronovisor Discussion
Continuations of discussions from the TTI CHronovisor. More information about that can be found here.