Upcoming regular streams

In the near future, I’ll be broadcasting regularly on Twitch or YouTube while I work on projects. Aiming to do a couple hours every other day or so, we’ll see what works out; will be a regular thing though.

Most of this will be for the Curious Cosmos site, but at least once a week will be dedicated to time travel.

Dramatic readings of the John Titor posts, researching whatever questions come up in the forum, movie watch-parties, things like that. Nothing set in stone, nothing in particular planned, but that sort of stuff is beginning in the next couple weeks.

If there’s something in particular you’d be interested in seeng, I’m happy to consider it. The main goal of this is to try and connect with people who have interesting ideas and ways to explore these topics. Things will evolve as they go, I’ll figure out exactly what this should be when we get there.

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We’re going camping this weekend (tomorrow, actually), but I plan on beginning twice-weekly streams the weekend after.

In the meantime, I’m bootstrapping some things together here and at Curious Cosmos. Gaining steam.