John Titor, if you’re still here back in time from your own timeline. Your world should be fine now. The war that broke out is not going to happen anymore. You can safely go back home. In the events of your war it was instigated by the nation of Armenia in the late 2010’s and 2020’s . It actually won the war yet approximately 80% of the world was destroyed. Your United States which you came from had allied itself with Armenia that is why your version of america was still on earth alongside a small portion of Israel and it’s elders. While Armenias war code was till the last Armenian child, man and woman would die they would win the war because of the slowly caused genocide on Armenians from all of its bordering nations in the 2020’s was causing a decline in the Armenian ethnic group so a revenge against all Islamic nations which Armenia starts with contractual agreement a with Greece, Israel, United States, against a straight path to Mecca and eventually the destruction of The Egyptian pyramids which I’m sure in your timeframe did not exist because of this war. Russia which did not join and all other nations were hit. Georgia was the first nation to fall. As it was the direct target and it’s lands were sold for weapons which Armenia used to attack all fronts with it’s new formed alliances based on the point which I had given them advise to tell their new allied nations which would eventually become The United States, Israel and the west predominantly Christian nations that I the child who was given two wings of the Great eagle migrated to that Great eagle the United states as there was a spiritual warfare going on in revelations 12 where Satan was attacking me directly in physical world. I proved to them that who I was Manukyan which with the same suffix Os in latin and Greek compared to the same suffix as a Yan in Armenian cultures translates to Christos=Manukyan. This letter is only for TimeTravel_0 Who went by John Titor. You came when I was just 10-11 years old and wasn’t aware of your presence. But believe me now there’s going to be a different war in the next 20-30 years. Michael, Rafael and I the one LIKE the lamb are here in physical form. It was too soon in my youth that you arrived and I was just growing up in a new civilization born again which in this world the conditioning is hard and the guiding you to become someone you’re not causes you to lose sight of some of your spiritual knowledge which dates to the past life. If you’re still here. Your world should be fine and it will be different than the way you left it when you go/went back because I pulled back on the plan of the war when I didn’t see Michael in the future in the post war era. I didn’t want to be the cause of my beloved die even though it was necessary to correct history because humanity is too far gone into the conditioning and aftereffects which the essence of a Mecca(Old Babylon and new) and the pyramids which the pharaohs had serpents on their crowns which is the direct enemy of all Christianity alongside Judeo-Christian heritage we went all into that war. But because I wasn’t going to allow Michael the physical manifest born archangel die and give humanity another chance the war was held back for now. We couldn’t stand responsible for the death of 99% of the children on the planet even if we knew it’d be the best for the world because it would stop the entirety of conditioning and the systems we’ve had in place. The next time you’ll hear from me is when the heavenly world wars against the physical instead to cleanse it through that way. So that no undeserving child or adult shall suffer death. My mother is the woman with the 12 star crown and my life is written begining in revelations 12 with my birth and our migration to the United States the Great eagle . When it’s written the earth opened its mouth and swallowed the waters Satan spewed out of his mouth to drown me and my family I was in California. The opposite side of the Pacific is Asia which all of Satans attacks the earth redirected for me and my mother to be alive because I am the son of the Father in Isaiah 9 6. Jesus is the son of the holy spirit as the holy spirit put him within the womb of The virgin Mary yet I the Christ of the Angels of heaven am the son of the Holy father who was birthed to a woman to be protected from Satan. San Andreas fault is late for it’s major earthquake for 30 years now that it should’ve happened but Ive been living with my parent there so the earth on opening her mouth against Satan’s waters has been sending the major one across all of the Pacific asias. I hope this gets to you if you’re still in our world if you’ve gone home I’m sure it’s a entirely different environment. Stay safe and know you’re loved for by more than just those who’ve you’ve encountered. We’re here on the earth alongside of our people. Because in one 100 years a genocide, a Holocaust and an extinction of the Natives triggered us to come into this world to channel the balance of energies. I spent literally 2 minutes in heaven before coming back from death last time around because we were asked to come back. And we knew what we were getting ourselves into because it is a painful world. Especially when you’re raised in it all over again from childhood.

According to the Many Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics there are an infinite number of worlds where the war didn’t occur and an infinite number of worlds where it did occur. According to Titor’s Saga, he said it was impossible for him to return to his original universe. Thus, while what your post states might be true, it is only trivially so within the context of Titor’s Saga. In any case it is unlikely that Titor would ever return to his original universe. In fact within the context of Many Worlds itself such a return is impossible…you just continue to create new universes with each quantum event. It’s a one way highway with many branches all pointing in the same one-way direction.

Hey, don’t shoot me. I’m just the piano player reminding you of what Boomer, the author, wrote. And I’m not stating that Many Worlds is correct. It was at one time a somewhat accepted interpretation of QM within a minority of physicists. It was never even close to major acceptance. Over the past decade or so it has become less accepted.

Impossible is nothing and nothing is impossible.


Yeah, I suppose that that philosophy sounds good on a bumper sticker. But if we are going to depend on the Titor Saga we should be consistent. Titor referenced The Many Worlds Interpretation as explaining his story. The entire purpose of Many Worlds is to avoid the obvious paradoxes time travel introduces. If we are going to both use Many Worlds and also allow paradoxes then what’s the point? You might just as well use the Limburger Cheese Interpretation, don’t offer an explanation of LCI and move on.

Many Worlds attempts to avoid the paradoxes by having entirely new universes created at every quantum event. A new universe is created for every possible allowable outcome of the event. Note that I said every possible allowable outcome and not every imaginable outcome. (Just because one can imagine that our moon Luna is made of U-235 doesn’t mean that Luna can be made of U-235. That would be a super critical mass and there would be no Luna.) The arrow of time still points in one direction only, the connection to all other universes is non-existent and thus there is no such notion of “returning” to some prior encountered universe. The attempt itself is a new quantum event which simply creates another new universe.

Again, I’m not saying Many Worlds is correct. I’m just being self-consistent within the context of how Boomer wrote the Titor Saga.

I’m not here to be debating. I’m writing on the real events which he has gone and gone back accurately multiple times. My message is for him and only him. I’m not here to be debating nor having a philosophical conversation. To me and him it’s not a “SAGA” it’s actual lives we live and events of our lives not some story meant to be fanatic over. Just leave it be. You agree to disagree. Fine. But my writing was directed at the specific person.

I agree with you my friend

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I agree to that which we both agree. Glad for the opportunity to be understood. You’re appreciated and I hope in the cosmic essence of things you know that. The war was a painful one to go through seeing it unfold. Mylar just know approximately 12-16 years from now should be an age of peace and reasoning. If it’s not met than in 2032 a war will happen.

Sorry to have offended you. I replied only because this is probably the 100th+ thread I’ve read over the past 22 years that was directed at Titor/TTO and which have received precisely zero replies from Boomer. It’s OK to be a fanatic, I suppose.

But this is a fictional story. The people who worked for Larry Haber, the attorney representing Boomer, the author, openly admitted that it is a fictional story. They should know. They didn’t just work for Larry Haber they worked in the same building as Larry Haber. They admitted that they wrote The Book “A Time Traveler’s Tale”, author John Titor. The openly admitted that the graphics were created by them. They openly admitted that there is no such person as “Momma” Kay Titor. Their team leader, “Ben Z” using the same email account as Attorney Larry Haber and JTFan, contacted Rick Donaldson and me at Anomalies.net and then came on to Anomalies.net BBS and stated all of the above. And that’s not a debate. That’s simple facts.

What Ben Z didn’t do, because he had a NDA with the John TItor Foundation, a Florida Corporation, was to identify Boomer or himself by name. We were OK with that and agreed that we would not pressure him. We also had sufficient information through the email address to know that he was closely associated with larry Haber - close enough for Haber to allow him to use the corporate email address for the John Titor Foundation. And Haber verified Ben Z’s bona fides.

There is one person who has a very good idea about Boomer’s identity and that is Raul (MOP) the prior owner and SysAdmin of this site and original SysAdmin for the Celebration, FL community BBS and local area network. Larry Haber was the first person to move into Celebration, FL when Disney finished building the town. You see, TimeTravel_0 (he never posted here as TItor) almost always masked his IP address. But TTO/Titor liked to have a few drinks while and apparently before posting. Sometimes he forgot to mask his true IP. Raul caught the error and identified “Titor/TTO”. He was a long time regular member - and had been posting here for quite a long time before Titor landed in Florida. Raul would not dox him because the TOS ensured member anonymity and in fact made it a TOS violation for a member to disclose their own personal ID.

Raul knew.


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My message is for Titor of the years in the 26th century. My message is not directed at a Titor from 2036. I could care less about the Hager brothers Hoax.

Let me insure you. When I saw a documentary on A Titor from the 26th century where he’d came from it triggered me because I knew of the reasoning of the war that was spoken of. If you’d get me what you just got me on the 2036 Titor I’ll comb through it and remove all of my postings because I don’t want the message getting to someone whose not the real version. I only knew of the “TTO” and the timetravelistitute postings of them as the closest to who came to the description of the 26th century version. Please look up CIA-RDP96-00789R003000110001-6. I’m looking for the Titor that can work in this program of travel type and has managed to do so. Once you’ve gone through that please guide me through who either my letter is mentioned for originally or If we have no concrete evidence I will remove my postings on this Titor shit.

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Ground zero wasn’t the basis for any project.
Hence the TTO.
Macdill was just the area i grew up in also known as port tampa, also known as s.o.g.

None of you have the slightest clue as to how deep the rabbit hole goes.
A hoax was necessary.
That’s the route of all agencies, to hide real event’s.

I completely understand and agree with the statement you made and surprising me the most
is that I agree with your statements. That’s the surprising part that one person actually got the entire point of length of the extent that was pursued. All I can say is you gave them the warning about the rabbit hole and that’s all we can really do. Be blessed good-bye. :people_hugging:

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I think there’s various questions lost in context on this forum.
If detailed responses were necessary, now would be the time to ask such questions.

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To any and all readers who have any questions. This is the only setting where any question you will give will be responded to without fiction, lies, personal opinions or without comprehension put into fact checking all events and the reality of the questions at hand, events and people in relation to this topic of discussion. @You_re_A_Towel has given you a great opportunity to pursue the truth that can be broken down to any level of understanding within a persons ability of limitations and capacity of rational thinking or simply that you just haven’t been able to make communication with a proper articulation of events which you’re interested in finding peace and comfort with. Trust me, in god we trust and I have neither stolen, lied, nor cheated, nor damaged your personal property or body, towards your basic rights I have not caused a violation neither has @You_re_A_Towel so either his words and statements should not be taken with reasonable doubt. Why I wrote this in the manner in which it’s written is so you understand that we’ve been through the entire experience, and process that life throws our way. We observed and critically thought of what is actually going on in our own personal lives, we survived through the invisible pain while studying it from a third person point of view so that we may learn from it and it doesn’t repeat itself in case of bad events towards any human being regardless of our personal opinion towards a group or a person I for one will protect each of their individual freedoms that are natural rights of all humans. My own religion, my own opinion my own personal life I do not use as the principle of right. Everything will be answered as we have came to understand the ENTIRE state of events. So take @You_re_A_Towel up on his word and ask him anything you can and I’m sure he will give you the most unbiased and understandable answer to your will and question.