Time travel machine mathematical formulas

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I think that’s it for all today folks.

I think it’s important. To know I put some effort calculating it yesterday.

Is John Titor Time Machine really working I mean TTI. To time travel to the past present and future.? Even if X-Ray is too expensive. I wish TTI would assist me. Or do I have to do it myself? Sorry if I was duplicating something I just poor eyesight. I forgot to edit that.

Hello, I was wondering if you had any old time machines or anything that could be sent to me to upgrade my time machine? If that would work. Im thinking of trying to expand than going back to 1600 to 1400.

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Let’s hope that you really care about time travelling to the past, present and future. Sorry about popcultural references if by absurd,nonsense you meant my expressing words. Okay here’s some new mathematical calculations. Sometimes I’m wondering why Fallen Angels can’t change their past in present and future days of cosmic astral quantum physics universe when they became demons. That would be fair justice. Sometimes people don’t understand what I’m talking about.
Do you believe in reincarnations?

If I only would go back in time I would I mean circa Anno Domini of year of 1990’s. It would be paradise for me. I want so badly.

Very interesting work you have here. If I may ask, what exactly is it you are trying to calculate?

Teleportation mathematical formula for real cars such as Delorean. So we could test if CCTV camera was right about enigmatic, mysterious teleporting cars.

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Well it looks like my previous comment was removed without any trace. That I wrote yesterday. Well I have another mathematical calculations.
Somehow I heard Andrew Basiago was time traveler. Maybe comment was too long. I don’t think I didn’t wrote it. Time travelling to the past, present and future. I want it so badly.
Did Big Bang created God?
Anyway it seems to be computer programme software,application.

I give up I just have no idea about what I can talk about anymore with you ladies and gentlemen.

Since estimate circa Anno Domini of years of 2020’s.
I heard about Hakan Nordkvist,Rudolf Fentz,Taured Man,Andrew Basiago,John Titor…etc.
I guess some comments were deleted automatically. Even posted edited once.
Sometines my hands are shaking like to older Michael J. Fox.
Medieval motto latine european “memento homo morri” language.
I had physics in middle school. If I remember I got C grade for constructing portable light bulb,but I’m not sure. What false memories are? Something fake? Ptsd,OCD,schizophrenia,neurotism related stuff things?

So what else can I say. Speaking of popculture the illustration above was related to Kung Fury movie.
Sequel probably is gonna be since estimate circa Anno Domini of year of 2022. To research past,present and future.
Marlon Kerr she’s wrong demons didn’t exist always. Same for polish dubbing/actor Maciej Stuhr in Szadź. Evil didn’t exist always religiously speaking of paranormal activities, aliens,UFOs’. Languages originated not from particles (magic) it’s just Babel Tower only. Some people don’t know who Fallen Angels are. Why galaxies in universe are compared to engines,codes? It seems Quantum Gravity Research are addicted to movie series named Matrix. Marlon Kerr she is not aware of such as history. Just everything “now” for like playing politheist godess. No past and future exist for her. Her entire everything was made wrong in that video. I think God someday stop making Big Bangs and our planet Earth sooner or later gonna be destroyed so possible reincarnations will become pointless,meaningless I guess I’m sceptical,realist philosopher.

When your posts are crammed with so many references to Rick and Morty and other pop culture stuff, your otherwise good posts are impossible to read and look like spam. That’s why they get edited or removed. We need to leave this a well-lit place for others, and I’m happy to help you via PM if you have any questions.

Well I thought even that posts can’t accepted. Are posts multiple several against rules of this very forum?

Yes, you’ve made multiple posts that got removed or rejected because of the pop culture stuff. I don’t care what you post as long a its on topic and adds something to the discussion.

You’re doing fine :slight_smile:

Oh okay. Thank you sir. I guess I was just ignorant. I hate myself. Like some sort of politheistic godess. Like that video on YouTube Quantum Gravity Research channel would be video name Hacking Reality would be recorded in afterlife. Just like in CinemaSins Everything is wrong parody about that quantum physics documentary video.

In middle school I had very bad physics and maths grades. I felt jealousy,sadness,sorrow. I had very bad days. Possibly struggling with OCD, schizofrenia,ptsd,neurotism many obssessions I regreted being intelectually weaker. My intelligence are possibly still limited speaking of what if I’m autistically spectral. I ruined my life. It was the worse moments of my personal life. Maths and physics are still my Achilles’Heel. My own reality nightmare. I wish I could prevent all my life mistakes from the past. To change present times and the future. My past shorttelling in nutshell. Stress caused me having lots of health problems and issues. I was depressed. Physics and maths are still my own personal weaknessess. I had troubles reading. I’m unable of physical hard working. I would love to time travel to be real. Would radium radiation from X-Ray kill me like reptiles government killed John Titor? Devour,desitergrate my human organic fluids meaty flesh even if I could afford such experiment. Chernobyl radiation killed lots of people or caused organic lifeforms mutations. Radiation killed Maria Sklodowski-Curie and possibly her husband as well. It’s really sad. Why would I had to be writing traditional notes. Now I realized my mistakes from the past I should be learning from older not newer books and never from newer books. I just screwed science by being popcultural person addict. I regret lots of my personal mistakes that I’ve done in past. Which might be too late to fix them. I always had issues of listening to the others. I wish I could prevent it so badly not with all costs whatsoever. I accepted my dark grim future fate anyway. Learning material at physics made no sense it was an absurd that nowadays i don’t I can’t understand why? I ruined my life entirely my own past,present and future. It’s all my personal fault. I should never pretend to be nerdy,geeky,hipster scientists what if I could have wife and kids my future life would be extremely complicated. My old school physics senior no offense baby boomer teacher was upset of traditional copy and pasting notebook notes. It was living in educational hell on our planet Earth. I was menthally suffering a lot. Bad luck I had. Realistic nightmare fuel. I hated going to school. I was dumber than Albert Einstein. I’m afraid reincarnation won’t solve my personal problems. Middle school was a tortures were for my weak,fragile brain,science mind. Low quality intelligence. I felt like it was not fair that some school students at my class group got better school grades than me. I was crying a lot about it in the past when I returned from school to home each day. It was very bad day for to me personally.
Sometimes my legs and arms are shaking years later like I would be struggling and suffering with Parkinson menthal suffering disorder. Metaphorically speaking. Taking lots of things way too seriously.

My organic (fleshy,meaty)fluid body I mean I survived X-Ray radiation when I broke my arm bone when I was a kid playing with at my friend’s parents village house,heating up food and some drinks in microwave. Does Oven got some radiation too? Andrew Basiago survived some top secret government project Pegasus radiation, people working at Chernobyl Ukrainian Chemical Plant Zone,but maybe someone died possibly it modified feral animals molecules,atoms,particles living there. So was X-Ray radiation safe for Wilhelm Röntgen german physist,John Titor? Did radium experiments killed Marie Curie-Sklodowska and her husband Peter Sklodowski-Curie? Plutonium pack for Delorean didn’t kill anyone. I saw a thread time travelling will never be possible. That’s sad. But what could happen if someone would keep whole entire night would keep car engine turned on in such Delorean in case for riddance for instance as an example like Frank Underwood killing Peter Russo (he didn’t escape because he was drunk)like one of Netflix House of Cards. Why to this forum rules popcultural references are forbidden? Because it makes lots of things unclear? If car engine would be hyperbolically sounding like theoretical bluff energized and powered by plutonium would it rip-off human flesh like german nazies forcing archeologist Henry Jones Junior to get them Noe’s covenant(in I Pet Goat 3 some ancient UFO,aliens opened it up) in one of scenes of Raiders of the Lost Ark german nazies were starring, looking,gazzing at some spirits it looked like unusal ancient radioactive coffin artifact. Did David Sandberg’s movie Kung Fury Time Hacking scenery of vintage,retrospective, nostalgia is this how film director re-imagined (video game developers would call it reverse engineering) myths,legends, conspiracy theories about could it be equivalent to rumors about Mariana’s web time travelling technology to the past,present and future. How time locket from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban would be working in reality? Or is it more fictional like Time Stones, Phantom Rubies,alien watch scene from Men in Black 3? Is USS Eldritch located nearby Area 51 by US Military also known as Philadelphia Experiment? Is American military more powerfull than CIA and FBI than people like fictional character Fox Mulder from X-Files tv mini-series it was popular show in since estimate circa Anno Domini of year of 1993.

Anti-mater chemistry. I forgot to say. It looks like I cannot edit my previous comment anymore. I went to female psychologists during middle school and high school. But it doesn’t seems to help not at all.
Do I look like person suffering with Asperger autistic spectrum,ADHD,PTSD,OCD, schizofrenia?
Sometimes my legs are shaking,hands more often like I would be struggling with Parkinson by according to my online research from internet access. Like in case for instance as an example of older Michael J. Fox, Adolf Hitler. Sometimes for people like me my personal life is too hard,too difficult,too challenging,too rough & tough,too harsh even. So hardcore. I’m not science expert. I was just only pretending ladies and gentlemen.

I think since estimate circa Anno Domini of year of 1990’s my hobby was playing video games. So what if time travelling be possible,but it’s like mainstream media doctors,nurses beliving how helpful vaccines are versus anti-vaxxers beliving in myths, Urban legends, conspiracy theories highly uneducated people according to World Health Organization. Currently as my personal passion hobby I would use time travelling technology machine to time travel to past, present and future without waiting several eons for occured fixed changes. I would prevent all my personal life mistakes. But it looks like elites,top secret government killed John Titor how unfortunate. I would use time machine as benefit as unofficial fangames developer project creator. I would love to time travel,but I’m afraid I have to do it myself.

What caused collapse downfall of lost empire of Atlantis Kingdom(one of all ancient greek mythologies)? Who built(in the past) Stonehenge in prehistorical England(stone age era),speaking of debunking NASA achievements conspiracy theorists theories,hypothesis,hypothetical never moonlanded(am I neurotic person?)speaking of flatearthers(speaking of our planet),it looks like speaking of popculture for instance as an example videogames EarthBound/MOTHER 2,Chrono Trigger,The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time,Sonic CD,Sonic '06,Sonic Generations,Sonic Mania,Sonic Forces,Ratchet and Clank,Terminator series, Crash Bandicoot series. Tenth time warp from Star Trek series makes only space cosmos infinite only. Multiverse has I mean have multiple milion of galaxies in many lightyears.
The distance between the galaxies is millions of light years. It is estimated that there are 350 billion large galaxies and 3.5 billion dwarf galaxies in the visible universe.

American-Japanese scientist Michio Kaku believes NASA really monlanded.

Anyway what’s with that error 500 in this forum. Sorry if to solve it I had to duplicate split my posted,comments sentences into mutliple parts about that my apologies ladies and gentlemen.