Time travel is closer than we think

I am a scientist living in Roswell New Mexico and I am working on a project that could bring time travel to the phase of actuality.


It seems very interesting, could you tell us more details?

That sounds awesome! Feel free to share more :slight_smile:

Could you point us to the major private funders are and what is your institution?

How big is your team? Can you tell us more?

Sounds like an incredible project! It’s truly inspiring to see people pushing the boundaries of scientific possibility. I’d love to hear more about how you are planning to make time travel a reality. Best of luck with your research!

Looks amazing, looking forward to your project.

Any news from this project?

Hi, I am TimeChan
Aware a couple of people working in a group to find the key to time travel.
And we are succeced in generating a timeline experimentally. Some of our results are here.

Your sincerely
From Time Institute

If I am not wrong, the person above is with us, working in Time Machine Dao.
Maybe Alex, Pro. Preecha or somebody else in their team.

Nice to meet I am Time Chan
Currently Handling the Time Institute, which we use for enlightening people around the world about our Dao.

Some News are.

The project name is De Ja Vu, which is named Randomly.

Researching in the supervision of Professor Preecha Yupapain.

Currently planning to quit the Dao (Not our Time Machine, but only the Dao) and shift to any other means of Fundraising.

Thanks for the share, really appreciate. :: Could i translate them with a free service like google? because some terms are a bit complicated;
i’m non english based but i understand quite well. btw

Respected Mylar,
Yes of course you can, and that’s my work to enlighten interested people about our project. Feel free to ask any questions, if arising and you can also meet us on our discord server, which can be found here.

Yours sincerely
Time Chan

Okay thanks for your reply, but what’s the difference between this discord and the bbs one?

Not much difference, you can get your answers either in bbs, or in discord, in discord you can meet the whole team, but in bbs you can’t.
My job isn’t to promote that discord server, my work is to enlighten people about our project and it’s functions, and I am doing it here as well as in that server.

It’s on you, where you want to be, both places are equivalent in terms of getting your answers.

Time Chan

Ah ok understood thank you for enlighten me.