Time Travel- If it is possible then what good use does it have?

If time tavel is possible and lets go with John Titor theory on time travel. What practical use does it have?


We can all time travel if we put our minds to it.


For civilians? Of course, none.

But for rich people, it can make them richer, for the governors to have much more control over the civilians already knowing what is going to happen.

People are greedy and selfish, so clearly there will be at least one case in which he will return with an idea from the future or maybe even one from our years, in order to develop it.


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I mentioned this on Paranormalis, but something akin to time travel archeology. Send a small drone or other undetectable technology back in time, somewhere desolate where entry/exit isn’t going to affect anything, fly to that location, record events, and then report back home with their findings.

Thinking about it now, I’m not sure how you’d achieve that without altering things even just a little… Preventing a bug from wandering this way or that. Any change would send you back to a different worldline so you’d have to figure that out, but as a practical use I think archeology and making efforts to understand our origins would be the best use.

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Time travel as a means of doing research and filling the gaps we find in our history books would be a great start.

Imagine being able to know, for sure, how they built the pyramids. That’s just one example, there. It would be awesome.

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Let us know how.

Thinking about this some more…

If time travel is possible using the theories of John Titor, it can have many practical applications.

  • Historical Preservation: Time travel could be used to preserve and learn from historical artifacts, understand the past and prevent any changes that would impact the future.
  • Fixing Mistakes: We all make mistakes, and with time travel we could go back and fix them before they become a problem.
  • Changing Fate: It might be possible to use time travel to change a person 's fate or alter the course of their life.
  • Research & Development: Time travel could also be used
    for scientific research and development purposes, such as testing new technologies or exploring alternate timelines.
  • Fulfilling Wishes: Lastly, there 's the possibility that time travel could be used to fulfill wishes or make dreams come true by visiting other times or worlds.

Fixing mistakes or changing fate would only affect the branched timeline you created, but I suppose you’d be the one to observe that and leave the other timeline to pound sand with the original consequences.

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Fixing mistakes, preventing climate change, wars, and biodiversity conservation, are the best uses for me.

For me, it’s changing my family tree (expanding it), improving past lives and careers of others, expanding creativity, and most importantly stop history from repeating itself.

If you went to ETs with the idea of preventing climate change for instance, they might tell you that you’ve been propagandized. I’m pretty sure there’s advanced technology for altering climates, but I think you’d have better luck having an average bodybuilder beat the tar out of an adult male lion than change the climate by burning fossil fuels, the latter of which I believe is propaganda driven by the media.

Well that would be sounding great.

I heard that allegedly Donald Trump is alleged time traveller using time machine like for instance,as an example,these days,nowadays like Andrew Basiago and John Titor.
But probably american government like mafia,gangsters are way too much greedy to the point of not going back like no retreat?
But what if even official theory of time travelling are wrong speaking of scientists from Discovery science?
What if the major of billionaires are avoiding using time machine?
Of course officially it seems to be impossible, but unofficially it’s possible?

I would not want to change the past, but for historical understanding… this could be a benefit

May I ask why not?