Time travel hypotheticals

Hypotheticals are one of my favorite parts of considering time travel, very easy and fun rabbit holes to fall through. Use this thread to pose your own hypothetical questions, or answer someone else’s!

A few to get started:

  • If you could visit any historical period in history, which one would it be and why? Would you travel to experience history firsthand, or would you go to try to alter it?

  • What improvements or shifts in society would you like to witness if you could travel to the future? Would you be more interested in social and cultural developments or seeing how technology has progressed?

  • How would you go about trying to blend in and not draw too much notice to yourself if you were able to travel through time? Is there anything you would do differently to avoid causing a hiccup in the continuum or other unintended consequences?

  • What implications do you see for society and how we see the world if time travel becomes possible? Should we expect technology to unite people or divide them further?

  • What one thing from the past or future would you want to bring back with you if you could, and why? Is it more important to you to bring something back for the benefit of the present or to collect relics or souvenirs?

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