"The Very Best of the StarWarsKid" new project

We need volunteers to work on a joint project called "The Very Best of the StarWarsKid".

The idea.

A "scripted" compilation with a sort of storyline that takes the best SFX and funniest moments from SWK spoofs and puts them together as one movie.

I know there are talented people on here who can put something together like this. This is not a rush job, it needs to be carefully planned between us so we get it just right.

I already have a few names in my head of who I think will help with this project, but all are welcome.

We also need to see what more hilarious stuff Spindulik has to offer in his newest movie before we ultimately decide what goes into this this project and what gets left out.

If you support the project, have script ideas or can offer assistance, please do so on this thread.



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If this doesn’t absolutely scream 2003, I don’t know what does.

In case you weren’t in the loop at the time, Star Wars Kid was a video of an awkward kid who made a video of themselves trying to fight like Darth Maul with a golf ball retriever: One of his schoolmates discovered an uploaded the recording, and it became one of the first viral videos.

Several would-be creators jumped at the chance to make parodies and try to ride the coattails of the overnight meme, but it pretty much stayed where it was.

I was a member of the Blackout.com site at the time and I thought the whole idea of making “best of” compilation was pretty dumb, I actively avoided the Star Wars Kid subforum because it was lightning in a bottle, and it could only be funny if it wasn’t on purpose. They were trying too hard.

Definitely a blast from the past.

Here’s a recent short video, in which the guy explains how it happened.

I found out today that the guy is from Quebec, and he speaks Canadian French. It’s so odd to me to find that out, so many years later!