The upcoming Earth shift. Is it inevitable?

Reading about the Earth Shift, and mile high ocean waves around the world in an instant, just wondering if at all it is inevitable, and is that the real driving force behind Elon Musk wanting us to go to the Moon and then to Mars?

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I just watched a few videos on this the other night! One of the more interesting ones was from The Why Files:

If it does happen, the few that remain will be blown back to the stone age and the world as we know it now will become the next Lost City of Atlantis. We’ll all be dead, so I don’t think we’ll be able to care about it too much.

A lot of the “sudden shift” stuff seems to be borne from disinformation put out the Richard Doty types who want to make people interested in these topics seem like schizoids (like the “classified” Adam and Eve Story). That doesn’t mean something like this isn’t probable though.

Graham Hancock put out a series on Netflix last year about how a similar cataclysm wiped out an earlier civiilzation 13,000 years ago – the Younger Dryas Impacts.

Basically, a bunch of comets are in an orbit that come through our region of space every X years and impacts from those wipe most everything out. It’s what caused the flood mythologies, wiped out earlier civilizations and everything we used to know was lost.

As far as Elon Musk goes, I don’t think he knows something we don’t. He just seems like a nerd with too much money and what he sees as noble intentions. If something like this ever happened, we’re all going to be caught with our pants around our ankles and no amount of preparation is going to prevent that.

We can not stop it nor prevent it, but we can move to different places on the planet which will not affect us as badly. Such us underground if all oxygen is destroyed.