The Truth about Truth

Truth. Transparency. No more government secrets. Of course, we have to hide things from other countries. I understand that. I’m talking about a government that exists for itself, has its own agenda, and the American people don’t know about 99% of it. Yes, I’m talking about science, cures for cancer and other diseases, ET disclosure, basic mysteries like Skinwalker Ranch and what is below Mount Rushmore. It sounds laughable at first, but why does the government exist for itself? Shouldn’t we know what is going on in the world? Furthermore, withholding the cures for profit is morally wrong.

Truth. Truth has been withheld for greed. Look at the Tesla Coil - Wardenclyff Tower – we still trip over our vacuum cords because of greed. We could have wireless power NOW, but they wanted to hide the truth! They couldn’t figure out how to profit from this power. And the thing is, profiting from it would be easy. Make miniature tesla coils and create self powered devices! But anyway, my point is, the truth WILL set us free.

Freedom is about truth – the freedom to know. The freedom to not be enslaved in ignorance.

We’re ready. We deserve it.

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I think the best thing you can do is learn discernment. It’s easy to fall into any number of the narratives that people throw, but never base how you think or what you believe on talking heads.

Teach your kids how to spot dishonesty and how to deconstruct a false argument. Use the time travel claims section to sharpen those tools :slight_smile:

I was talking more about the government having secrets and not sharing information. It exists for itself and their reality is different from our reality.

Well, certainly, but I can’t influence what dishonest people in nameless organizations are doing. It doesn’t serve me to worry about it. I know it happens and that’s enough.

My thinking is: I can’t choose what they do, but I can choose how I respond.

I’ve stopped listening to the news. I find out more and better information through my own targeted research. Read the actual bill or the actual report, not what talking heads say about it. Social media is a waste of time. We teach our children discernment by helping them ask questions and actively try to understand what they are seeing. They hear something and (politely) ask why. We don’t have normal TV. We talk about everything we find on YouTube together. We give each other weird hypotheticals and get absurdly detailed in our replies.

Our home is a place of honesty. Do what you say and say what you mean… But understand that others in the world won’t play by those rules.

People are going to lie to me and my family, but it’s up to me whether I’m going to let them fall for it.

Right. Controlling our own thought process and behavior manages stress, but I am still going deeper in this thought. I’m thinking of a more grander scale than a personal level here. I feel that any “secret” the government finds, like existence of ET’s, existence of ghosts, etc. should not be hidden from the public.

The truth is hidden from us by government. We are capable of so much technology that is simply suppressed. I understand some of it is for security purposes. For example, the government acknowledging that time travel exists would cause many security concerns. So, I guess I am answering part of my own question.

Then again, who cares? Beef up the security. Tell us everything - aliens, cures (and give them to us!), scientific advances. Don’t we have the right to know? The government feels it is the only entity that has the right to know so they can control it. Truth — you KNOW there are cancer cures and cures for the common cold, but truth is withheld so they can profit off our illnesses. I want it all revealed. Every last one of it. It’s time to include the American people in life. We are technologically suppressed so that the government can control us and so someone can earn money. (Don’t get me wrong. I am all for capitalism as long as it isn’t abused).