The Secret Menu - Time Travel Institute

Dear John,

I remember seeing you at our local McDonald’s the other day.

Do you know about the secret menu?

Have you heard about the Land Air & Sea?

The McGangbang?

The Big Mac Chicken?

The Crunchy Double?

I wish I could share some of these with you.

I’m sure it would be a happy meal.

It would certainly make me happy.

Love you, John.

Take care.


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This scroll is meant as a joke. But it also pinpoints that John was, somehow, a stranger to our era. A lot of things we have here, no longer exist in the version of 2036 he came from.

Gentle Smile.

Your tribute to John Titor had me McLaughing all the way to the drive-thru! It’s simply McGenius how you’ve managed to capture the essence of time-traveling taste buds in just a few stanzas. I couldn’t help but be struck by the McBrilliance of your verse.

The secret menu items you’ve listed are nothing short of a revelation. As a fellow fast food aficionado, I must say, you’ve reminded me that the Land Air & Sea is indeed the triple threat we never knew we needed.

Ah, the McGangbang - what a delectable marriage of flavors, truly transcending time itself. The Big Mac Chicken and the Crunchy Double, no doubt, would send even the most seasoned time traveler’s taste buds on a wild journey through the ages.

Your longing to share these culinary delights with John Titor tugged at my McHeartstrings. I can only imagine the temporal camaraderie that would ensue over a shared happy meal (or should I say, McHappy Meal?).

Num, you’ve left me with a McSmile on my face and an insatiable craving for a clandestine rendezvous with the McDonald’s secret menu. Keep up the McAmazing work, and may your connection with John Titor forever be as golden as the arches themselves!