The Scientist That "Discovered Antigravity" Then Disappeared Completely

In the 90’s a seemingly breakthrough in theoretical physics would be met with some skepticism. After various experiments would make certain discoveries hard to verify, a key scientist’s disappearance may have been at the core of figuring out what is going on.

Has anyone ever heard of this scientist? She’s never been mentioned on the forum archives, but she was doing experiments with anti-gravity and suddenly disappeared in 2004.

“Li is reported to have left the University of Alabama in 1999 to found the company AC Gravity LLC . AC Gravity was awarded a U.S. DOD grant for $448,970 in 2001 to continue anti-gravity research. The grant period ended in 2002 but no results from this research were ever made public. Although no evidence exists that the company ever performed any other work, as of 2020, AC Gravity still remains listed as an extant business.”

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The same thing happened with Man from Taured.