The Reply Button Is Calling

Two decades have passed, now.  For twenty years we’ve been thinking of you.  Wondering if you’re safe.  Hoping for the best.  We can’t help but read your messages.  Again and again.  We need to talk about you.  We need you.  When that impulse hits,  We rush to our favorite BBS,  To talk about you.  Again and again.  To answer your call.  To reply to you.  Hit that reply button!

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I’m hitting that reply button,
to express my gratitude to John.
He warned us of the dangers ahead,
and urged us to take action instead.
To save our timeline from certain doom,
and create a future with much more room.
Thanks to John’s bravery and foresight,
our timeline is now shining bright.
We owe him a debt of gratitude,
for he saved us from an awful magnitude.