The pet thread!

I thought it’d be fun to start a thread to share pictures of pets or animals you own. We’ve got plenty of room now that we’re on the homestead and are looking to get chickens and goats in the near future, but here’s who we have now:


Astro is almost five years old, and we’ve had him since we move from NC to WA in early 2017. He’s a short-haired Border Collie and at times is very… Animated. He likes policing the cats and pooping right in the frame whenever I’m trying to record a video.

He’s a good boy, very affectionate and eager to please. He gets a bit spastic when giving him commands, he tries to anticipate what we’re saying while we say it creates plenty of hilarity. He’ll also go after the cats and knock them over with his nose if you make a “psssss” sound.


Gizmo, or 'Mo, is a lazy little shit. We got him around 2019, and is hobbies are sleeping, eating and pooping on the fireplace hearth. He’s a BIG boy, and extremely tolerant. Has never bitten or scratched anyone, even when the kids get a bit rough.

He got sick a couple months ago and we were worried we’d lose him, but he bounced back and is his old lazy self again. He likes sitting next to the air registers on the floor and peeking under the master bedroom door. What a creeper.


The newest addition, Robert, found us during my four year old’s first week of school. The wife had taken our eight year old to cheerleading practice so we were walking down the hill from the bus stop, and this little dude came out of the forest meowing at us.

We don’t know where he came from, but he was tiny and meowing and followed us all the way home. He crawled under our house and stayed there for a couple days, so we brought him in and cleaned him up once we were sure he wasn’t leaving.

Not sure where he came from, but he’s playful and loves messing with the dog. He made quick friends with Mo, pretty much zero drama. He was probably happy to get a little brother.

Feel free to share your pets! Farm animals count too :horse: :pig2: :duck:

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