The Man Who Spent a Week in Area 51

Last night during my YouTube adventures, I found this incredible story about a man named Jerry Freeman’s journey to Area 51. In this documentary, they examine the complete true story of a man who broke into Area 51 and spent an ENTIRE WEEK there.

Did Jerry discover any extraterrestrials, aliens, or UFOs inside? Or perhaps something completely different? Jerry Freeman was retracing the paths of the Lost '49ers in the 1990s, but their journey had them enter Area 51, a now-top-secret facility famous for its reports of aliens and UFO spaceships. He was determined to retrace the 49ers steps no matter what barriers were in his way, and he began his journey inside the most secure banned site in the world.

I thought this was fantastic. I started watching it thinking it’d be some kind of Bob Lazar-ish story about seeing UFOs and whatnot. While he does describe some really weird stuff, the bigger story here is the break-in and the history he was chasing. Definitely worth a watch!

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