Stuck in a loop - Help needed

I’m in a loop…I’ve been in this loop for almost a year now. Someone here needs to help me

It started on the 5th of November 2021. I was supposed to be flying from here in Dubai to finally visit Australia. I got on the plane, had a wine and fell asleep. When I woke up, I was back in my apartment and it was the 23rd of June.

This has happened twice already and I can’t go through the next 5 months again.

Help me please. I know this is supposed to be a ‘role playing’ site but can anyone here help me…please

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Can you tell us about the things you did the same/different on your first loop? Did you try telling anyone that first time?

The first time I thought I was crazy. I wasn’t sure if I was actually even in a loop…but once it happened the second time I tried to get help.

I found this site last time as well and posted about it but nothing could really be done before the deadline. You did ask that if it happened again to make my username the exact time that I ‘blipped’ (that’s what I call it anyway). The date is in the format you requested last time (this time I guess for you)

Also - I know everyone thinks they’d love to be in a Groundhog Day situation but honestly, this is really hard and it’s not fun.

Now that is interesting.

Can you break down the date format? I see the 5_11 but am not sure what the 40.13 or the 1_2 would refer to.

Oh of course - we don’t technically decide on the format until next week (well last time anyway)

The format is reversed but not the numbers only the placings. So:

13:40 (1:40pm) on November 5th

The 2 indicates that it was 2nd time around
The 1 indicates that it was the 1st time I had kept track of the time (apparently you think this is important…I wasn’t sure why)

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By the time we got to November last time, were we close to figuring anything out? Anything we should be looking into now?

Not really - at first you were just humouring me (a little bit like now) but when Germany beat England 3-1 in the Euros tomorrow night you started to believe me

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It looks like you are experiencing “The Groundhog Day loop” with the only difference instead of repeating days, you are experiencing a loop with the duration of 5 months.
Since the duration of the loop is pretty big we cannot perform much of an experiment to come to a fix/specific conclusion.
But the only solution I can think of currently is that you shouldn’t board the flight on 5th November 2021.
Can you please tell the things you have done or the events that will/has taken place in the original timeline a.k.a before the loop was started.

I’m unable to think why you are experiencing a loop of 5 months, instead of 1 day or 1 month, or 2 months.
Can you think of any possible event?

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I wouldn’t use the word humor, but I’m not out to disprove you either. I enjoy the idea.

It looks like that match doesn’t happen until Tuesday night? Or maybe I’m looking at the wrong sport. Outside of that, what else do you recall happening on your last cycle?

I agree with @Wolverine1hulk - Can you switch to another airline? A different flight? That’s probably what I’d end up doing if I were in your situation, doing something radically different than I did the previous times.

You’ve been through this a couple times before; what should we be asking you or talking about that you felt might have taken us somewhere last time?

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You appear to be able to affect change in each loop considering that the first time around it sounds like Cosmo (or both you and Cosmo) suggested/decided upon a naming convention that included date and number of loops, but this time around you introduced Cosmo to the naming convention based on a previous loop’s discussion.

Are there any noticeable world changes/differences between loops (so far, at least)? Something that might signify that the loops are occurring in ‘alternate’ worldlines vs occurring in a singular [origin] worldline? I guess I’m curious about potential paradoxical outcomes or how those might be avoided or resolved in the event of the latter.

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Oh no!!! Germany v England was definitely Monday night last time!! I’m already changing things.

Also today my hair began to fall out in clums and my fingernails are feeling very weak. Something is definitely wrong

I’ll try and compile a list of things I can remember today and post them here tonight.

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Thanks Romana - I’m going to think today about this and come back here later with everything I can possibly remember

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Wolvie!!! I totally forgot about you!! Sorry, been a stressful few months.

We did talk about this last time but we couldn’t really get anywhere. Last time though, you’re advice was to keep everything the same and try to do as less different as possible. You said this would either work or would be a good control version.

Anyway - I can’t change my flight as I’m in Dubai and flying to Australia we can only do on Emirates. I’ll try and change the date today and then we can go from there

Hope you’re well mate

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Well, irrespective of how many times, every time I will say to stick as close as possible to the original timeline. But neither are you answering to me nor to @Cosmo about what you did in the original timeline. If you will tell us, we might be able to give you a proper answer.
Now coming to flight, I don’t want you to board the flight on 5th November 2021. Try to delay your travel date by 1 week (random guess).

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Oh no!!! Germany v England was definitely Monday night last time!! I’m already changing things.

Score turned out differently, too.

Okay @1_2_5_11_40.13 , I have been thinking a lot about your this time loop thing… I came to 1 conclusion & 2 questions.

Every time you time loop, you are also traveling across the universe I.e. alternate universe. Otherwise, Germany winning with 3-1 was just your guess.

Now, Questions:-
From 5 November 2021, 5 months would be 5 June 2021 but you waked up on 23 June instead. My question is when you waked up or when you gain consciousness was the time still 13:40? If no, then roughly what was the time?

If this is ur 2nd loop, why didn’t you created your account on 23rd or 24th itself? If I or any normal person would have created on the same or next day. Then why did you created it on 27 June?


Can you remember the score from England vs Denmark game?

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Welcome back @Mylo-x :slight_smile:

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Thanks. Good to be back.

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