State of TTI: July 2021

The new forums are working great and open up many exciting changes happening very soon. I wanted to update everyone on where TTI is headed, and a sneak peek at some of the things I’m rolling out soon!

Legends of Time Travel

Entries here are deep-dives into John Titor, Andrew Calrssin, The Philadelphia Experiment, and more. We will include debunked or explainable claims, as well as those that persist in our minds today.

Each entry will be unique in terms of its content and layout. Some Legends need only a little text to fully explain it, while others have many resources available.

Of particular note will be the John Titor entry. Other features coming to TTI will be leveraged here to build some very cool things… Like a filterable database of all Titor’s posts across both Art Bell’s forum and TTI.

Each entry is NOT final and is meant to be living documents that evolve over time. If you see room for improvement, suggest it in the discussion thread. We’ll talk about it, change it, give you credit… And you’ll have made TTI more interesting!


I’ve begun doing some weekly movie nights to test how the streaming setup works, but that’s rapidly evolving. Much more of that will be coming in the future.

The next thing in the pipeline is some nightly game streams. There’s an absolute embarrassment of riches out there with exciting time travel experiences and concepts in games, and nobody is talking about it. I think that’d be a fun way to start to build the community up a little more.

What I’ll be streaming is my adventures in a game called No Time:

Discord is being added to the mix soon as well. I’d like to have a place for us to hang out in “real-time” and maybe run some tabletop RPG games… Perhaps something like Continuum. Anything that gets people talking to one another would be fun.


This idea has taken a long time to bake but is finally here. The TTIDB is a database of ways to experience time travel in various ways through various sources.

Currently, TTIDB contains:

  • books
  • games
  • movies
  • tv shows
  • tv episodes

The goal here is to help find ways to experience the type of time travel you’re interested in. This mechanism is meant to expose previously hidden gems and search by the CATEGORY and GRAVITY of time travel.


(subject to change)

Gravity is the medium’s approach with time travel elements and how it uses them in its story. Hot Tub Time Machine is low Gravity. Back to the future is medium Gravity. Primer is high Gravity.

Between these and a few other fields, TTIDB should make it pretty easy to zero in on something that’ll be interesting to you.


I really like the idea of internet archaeology and that there’s information out there that nobody really keeps track of, just waiting to be rediscovered. Everybody has heard of the Internet Archive (the Wayback Machine). Most people don’t know that they have an API that lets us retrieve data about their archived pages.

TTI remains, but most of the really great forums from the golden days of the internet are now gone. Sure, you can find some things in the Internet Archive… But navigating forums this way is an absolute nightmare. There’s no way to search. Pagination usually doesn’t work… There’s a LOT of content out there that hasn’t been seen yet.

Of particular interest to me are threads about John Titor that happened outside of TTI. To my knowledge, those would be:

I’d like to have those searchable so we can be an excellent resource for ALL of the TItor information, so I’m building tools and workflows to do precisely that.

These tools include ways for any willing member to help, and I’ll post more about that in a future update.

As far as the TTI Archives go, I’d also like to use the Internet Archive’s API as a tool to fully restore any posts or attachments that have been lost throughout the years. Sort of like restoring a classic car, I want the Archives to be the best version of itself that it can be. More to come on that and how you can help in the future as well.

As always. more to come!

You’ll notice some of the TTIDB stuff rolling out. It’s ready to poke at, but plenty to do. Assume it’s all a work in progress until I say otherwise :wink: Probably another week before it’s humming.

Legends portion of the site is underway as well. If you’re interested in helping with content or research, shoot me a PM. Nothing specific for now, but if you tell me a little about why you like time travel and the stuff we’re digging into then that’ll help me ask the right people.