Send a message to my past

Sorry if this topic has already been covered although I did have a look through the threads and couldn’t find anything similar. Does anyone know of a way to send a message to the past?


I compose an email to my future self on the fifth of every month, from approximately five or six months, and it is automatically delivered to him eight years later. I include a video attachment and update him on the present. I keep asking him to send me message. Till now I have received none because, in my optimistic view, the technology must not have been discovered at that time or, if it had been, it would change reality. However, I keep on writing him to continue on the UNIVERSAL THEORY OF TIME TRAVEL. But If i get one i will share with this community


That’s a brilliant idea and hopefully one day you will receive a message back. Yes please do share with us if you succeed that would be great. Can I ask how you are able to get the email delivered 8 years later?

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Aahah good topic, i have in mind since a year.

For the first option i toughts about sending an sms (but need to recover my old number, when i’v been a teen) and the other difficulty is the technology.

Same stuff for email

Another more hypothetical is with consciousness

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Yes I have had the same thoughts and technology would have to be developed for sending messages back. I have looked into sending with consciousness but don’t know it works. A lot of people say it can help for healing from things in the past.

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I wish I had sent this to my Future self, too late now Im afraid.

Subject: A message from your past self

Dear Future Self,

I hope this email finds you well. As I sit down to write this message, I cannot help but wonder what kind of person you have become, what you have achieved, and what experiences you have had since I last wrote to you. I hope that wherever you are and whatever you are doing, you are happy, healthy, and fulfilled.

As I write this, I am currently in a stage of my life where I am learning, growing, and making decisions that will impact my future. I want to take a moment to remind you of the goals and dreams that I have set for myself. I hope that you have achieved them or have made progress towards achieving them. Remember that your dreams and aspirations are what make life worth living, and I hope you have never lost sight of that.

I also want to remind you to be kind to yourself. Life is full of ups and downs, and it is okay to make mistakes. Use your failures as an opportunity to learn and grow. Remember that your mistakes do not define you; what matters is how you pick yourself up and move forward.

Lastly, I want to remind you to cherish the people in your life. They are the ones who will always be there for you through thick and thin. Take the time to tell them how much you love and appreciate them, and never take them for granted.

I look forward to hearing from you in the future and learning about all the wonderful things you have experienced and accomplished.

With love and admiration,

Your Past Self.

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I have a vid stuck on youtube with my picture. Says im still waiting in 2017 for people to show up in my live chat, and also that I will be signing in on that date letting people know when. So i often go there and say hi to myself waiting. I left 4 notes. Not the same but still.

Link? I’ll go back to 2017, and say Hi :grin:

Wow that’s quite strange, what’s the name of the video?

That’s lovely. Some of the things you’ve wrote are things I’d love to be able to tell my past self.

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Kind of like Delorean?

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There are some esoteric methods that people have claimed to work. Bear in mind, these approaches are more speculative and based on personal experiences, but they do make you wonder:

  1. Quantum retrocausality: Some believe that through the power of intention, we can send messages to our past selves by focusing on a specific moment in time and mentally transmitting the desired message. This is based on the idea that our thoughts and intentions can influence the quantum world, leading to changes in our past experiences.
  2. Astral projection: A more mystical approach involves astral projection, where one’s consciousness leaves their physical body to explore other realms, dimensions, or times. It’s been suggested that through astral travel, we may be able to visit our past selves and deliver messages or guidance, though the scientific basis for this remains uncertain.
  3. Dream manipulation: Another possibility is to attempt communication through dreams. By focusing on a message or intention before falling asleep, we may be able to “plant” the information into our past selves’ subconscious minds, influencing their thoughts and decisions upon waking.
  4. Synchronicities: Some believe that by paying close attention to coincidences or synchronicities in our lives, we may be receiving messages from our future selves or other entities. This idea suggests that these seemingly random events are actually signs and guidance from the universe or our higher selves, intended to help us make better choices or avoid potential pitfalls.

These methods are largely unproven and exist more in the realm of speculation, but are intriguing avenues for exploration if that’s what you’re looking for.


A delorean would definitely help


That’s brilliant thank you, I’ve read about things like astral travel and did wonder if it could be used to send a message to the past. I think it’s definitely worth trying. Did the people who claimed it worked say if it affected the present?

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Great idea, I’m going to start that. Also, maybe the technology exists but is kept from us.


Welcome to TTI! :slight_smile:

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Thank you :blush:


Thank you cosmos for providing such methods, I know it is harder to believe because of the nature oh them, and it is even difficult to trust people that who speak in these terms. But if we’re not open minded we’re going nowhere. Because spirituality and esoteric methods are considered as beliefs and that they cannot be measured They are mostly not considered, which is wrong in my opinion.I experienced sensory, irrational phenomena (without taking substances I specify) but I will not get lost on this subject here.

I was actually talking to @jamesjump, but that doesn’t matter. You’re welcome too! :slight_smile: