Renaissance History: Miguel Vasquez

Originally published at: Renaissance History: Miguel Vasquez – Time Travel Institute

Introduction This article constitutes a second pioneer Renaissance man of my invention. You can find a list of examples of pioneer Renaissance men (all of whom are invented by myself, with the exception of four Italians) in this article. The next Renaissance man I cover is Miguel Vasquez of Spain. Biography Miguel Vasquez was a Spanish scholar and contemporary…

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That guy from Spain? Like in DreamWorks’s El Dorado?


@gamerz31w - You’re talking about “The Road to El Dorado”, right? Did a little research on that film, and it turns out one of the main characters is named Miguel! Although I don’t think that guy’s last name was revealed, was it? Miguel is a common Spanish given name.

Yeah. In Road of El Dorado his surname wasn’t revealed. Hector had surname Cortez. Did his ship symbol was he one of descandants of Templar Knights? That ship had red cross. Did Templars create Gender ideology and their fictional Baphomet statue? Did centuries later Adam Weishaupt creator of Illuminati institution were inspired by Order of Zion,Babylon,Ancient Egypt. Anyway The Road of El Dorado was about Ancient City covered in Gold…etc.