Peggy the Doll at the Zak Baggans Haunted Museum

Peggy is a haunted doll that lives at the Zak Baggans Haunted Museum. On the Sam & Colby YouTube channel they were investigating that museum and were told that the doll that is so demonic they have to keep it locked up. Normally spirits/ghost want to look like humans so spirits attach to us or dolls because pretty much dolls look like humans right?

They revealed Peggys eyes which were light blue and when they said do not look in her eyes guess what I did I looked her in her eyes. And the warning said if you look her in the eyes then you might get nausea or chest pains and 30 minutes later I got a chest pain!

The Peggy stuff is only until 26:13


Haunted dolls creep me out. There’s a few other like this too:

Howcome Peggy doesn’t want you to look at her eyes?

The Whole entire 2nd paragraph so I think you should read it over again :smiley:

LOL! I mean WHY does that happen? What makes it want to mess with you if you look at its eyes? Make sure you check out that other link, lots of weird other dolls like this one.