Ode to 640x480 - Time Travel Institute

Oh, humble screen.

Pixels so bold, so pure.

A window to an infinite realm.

A realm full of love and light.

So many pixels, yet, so few.

It’s divine and unique.

Pixel-perfect space.

An absolute legacy of creativity.

Crude and quaint by today’s standards.

But a nostalgic charm, to the keen-eyed.

Limited in hue and color as well.

But limitless to us.

640x480, a resolution that will remain.

In our hearts and minds.

Green glow of CRT monitors.

Burned into our retinas.

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This one is an homage to the classic days of home computers in the late 90s, when resolutions started to go up. 640x480 was a classic at which most games like Starcraft would run.

By today’s standards, this was a shit resolution. But back then when all you previously had was 320x240, it was literally a heaven of pixelated beauty and sharpness. Hard to believe if you’re reading this on a 4K screen, right?

It was an incredible time, I remember playing the original Counter-Strike in 640x480. It lagged too much in 800x600, so I had no choice. My (well, technically my parent’s) Voodoo Banshee couldn’t handle that many pixels.