Nothing More Than a Memory

All that remained of the Corvette were 4 patches of crushed grass,
where the tires touched the ground and a little bit of smoke.
John's presence here is now nothing more than a memory.
Or is it more than a mere memory?
What if it is a way of life?
It will bring you love and it will bring you life.
It will guide you across the universes.
All the universes.
Blessed is Titor's Corvette.
Blessed is the C204. 

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This one celebrates how John’s journey has become more than a simple story.

What he did was very practical: He came here, posted online, and interacted with people. Yet, over the years, his fans not only adopted him, his messages, and his words. They also integrated his attitude and messages into their way of life.

John could have become just a distant memory. But instead, he brought inspiration and love to everyone.