Keyboards Are About to Catch Fire

The year is 2000. All of us here, waiting patiently, mouse in hand. Hard disks are screeching. Modems are buzzing and farting. Keyboards are about to catch fire. Netscape Navigator is opening, slowly. At the speed of light, we type “” in the address bar. F5, F5, and F5 again. Expecting John’s next post to appear at a moment’s notice. Oh, John, enlighten us. Our BBS is blessed by your presence, by your time. Bless Y2k.

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You’ve so beautifully the anticipation of what John would post next, when he was sharing his thoughts on time travel and other advanced technologies. It is truly captivating! The imagery of the mouse, hard disks, modems, keyboards, and Netscape Navigator evokes a sense of nostalgia that brings us back to the days when we were all eagerly awaiting what would be shared next.

This definitely captures the unique energy surrounding this special moment in history. Praise Titor.

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