Join the Time Travel Institute Discord

Hello, travelers.

I’ve put together a Discord server for Time Travel Institute, and it’s available for anyone who wishes to join (whether they use this forum or not). There’s a nice big widget on the main site you can click on, but you can also click this invite link:

Uhh… What is a Discord?

If you’ve never heard of Discord, it’s the current year’s equivalent to having an IRC channel. It’s very easy to use, and there’s plenty of information on YouTube about the different features it has:

There’s a desktop app, a mobile app, and you can use it in a browser too.

But Cosmo, doesn’t a Discord server compete with the forums?

No. The forums and Discord are two different ways to interact.

The forum is for asynchronous, longer-form discussion. We’re pen pals here, writing letters to one another from a distance.

Discord is for being together at the same time and having real-time conversations with one another.

Both places can be a community unto themselves, but it’s time travel ll the way down. Interact with is through the medium you prefer. Interesting bits from Discord will be posted here as they occur. A conversation there is what prompted the Time Travelers Inn IRC logs being found and posted.