John's Time Travel Machine

About the John Titor’s Time Travelling Machine.

Did John mention anything about how this machine works?, such as: You have to turn on which button so it can make you do something?

We already have the photos, and we know that he is real, and we also know what the machine is made of. We need to only know how does it work.


Hmm… that’s a really good point. Maybe we should read “A TIME TRAVELER’S TALE” by John Titor, in that maybe he had mentioned something.

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That’s a good idea!

I have not read it before, but i’ll make sure to.

Thank you for you suggestion.

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It was something about very expensive(I’m afraid not everyone could afford it-not smart private traditional money investment-sounds like insane,mad,crazy,nuts,anti-mainstream media scientists theory of time travelling by conspiracy theories about NASA achivements usually)X-Ray hardware device equipment tools.

He only mentioned The Time Machine Model Name and other things.But he never mentioned about the button thing.

There’s some good info on Wikipedia:

Titor described his time machine on several occasions. In an early post, he described it as a “stationary mass, temporal displacement unit powered by two top-spin, dual positive singularities”, producing a “standard off-set Tipler sinusoid”.[3]

The earliest post was more explicit, saying it contained the following:

  • Two magnetic housing units for the dual micro singularities
  • An electron injection manifold to alter mass and gravity of the micro singularities
  • A cooling and X-ray venting system
  • Gravity sensors, or a variable gravity lock
  • Four main cesium clocks
  • Three main computer units

According to the posts, the device was installed in the rear of a 1966 Chevrolet Corvette convertible[7] and later mentioned a 1987 truck having four-wheel drive.[3]

I don’t think he ever mentioned what wires lead to what buttons for what purpose, but this should give you a good sense of how it might have worked.

I am working on organizing some downloadable material for the Titor stuff (PDF with posts, theories, video links, etc). If there’s anything in particular you might want included in something like that, let me know.

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