John Titor is dead

You might ask “why is John Titor dead?” well here is the answer:

John Titor have been leaking in 2000-2001 some Top Secret Military Projects, now of course, the Government wouldn’t like that so much, so you all know what is the consequence of that, it is Execution. Death.

so with that, We can’t expect any more John Titor in our future.

He was more like not responding after circa Anno domini of year of 2001. Yeah I heard goverment killed him.

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He at least left a message that makes us believe the time travel is real.

Assasinated by government speaking of myths,Urban legends,conspiracy theories.

Why do you assume Titor was arrested?

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Not arrested, executed.
And the reason is, he shared some military top secret files such as the Time-traveling machine and what’s it’s made of, and the secret mission that he came to do in the early 2000s.

What sources are you basing these statements on?

What happened to his time travelling technology did government destroy it or just aborted experiments by and confiscating his own inventions. Anyway storming Area 51 in Nevada might end up being arrested,lawsuited,escorted back or killed. In Bermuda Triangle conspiracy theories,myths,ancient primeval,Old school Urban legends vehicles and people are disapearing without any trace. Philadelphia Experiment sounds like time machine USA military top secret government classified project. How Rudolf Fentz,Hakan Nordkvist,Andrew Basiago,John Titor were able to time travel by Mariana’s Web? What’s inside Bermuda Triangle Atlantis Lost Empire from the past? Maybe time travelling medieval Potion? Kung Fury 2,UFO,Aliens, paranormal activities? Was something or everything at least leaked to the public officially?