John Titor info?

hi all i was on here before this site got updated but i have some where about of the leganedery John Titor he was last seen in a desert called sahara? (for some reson i thought it began with a Z)- im not i entierly sure if that is accureate as it was information from the spirit world as previous as a said i can talk to them though my power of telephathy but as im getting older now that i am 25 just a regual human with no intensions to even start looking for him John Titor my telpthay is fadeing as way fast beaucse i have no use for that now as i broke up with my BF because he tried harm me pyiscally in both spirit and dream world

im not on here as often i was before talking to lots of diffrent people here but as time of hands have moved on from this site ill check regual for more details

and i not sure what the rules are for making topics on here about people if admins want this delted by all means go for it

oh i couldnt get excate date of year but 50-56 in the future tho thanks for rading
p.s sorry for spelling mistakes i cant spell besuae i have dyslexia that mean i just cant spell big huge words
thanks again

Hey @powerHUMAN-000, welcome back! I remember you from the old version of the forum :slight_smile:

I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything about TItor being in the Sahara, but the “starts with Z” bit makes me think @PaulaJedi might know. She’s talked to people who might have said this in the past.

@Cosmo thank you remember they can tell lies from time to time i dont know for defanite that its ture or not but you’ve got to mindfull about thoses things :slight_smile:

@Cosmo was it Something like this Z-OO-G or something they are starting to talk jibbirish now

I haven’t heard that theory. I traced Titor references to Texas and Arizona in the past, but not the Sahara. Sahara is a desert, not a country, so there wouldn’t be a desert in a desert. Perhaps you are thinking of the user Zeshua?

Anyway, you are free to ask us questions. We will do our best to answer them.

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wow thanks so much for that @PaulaJedi ill look in too it thanks :slight_smile: