Is CERN altering reality?

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Many people may have different opinions on this topic, but I’d like to hear what our community members think as well. Do you believe that CERN has the power to manipulate reality in any way? Do you think they’ve altered the laws of physics or created new realities through their experiments? I’m curious to know if anyone has any insights into this topic. Are there any theories or evidence that support your opinion?

I’d tend to believe that if they do, it’s by accident and in random ways. I wouldn’t expect them to have control over it yet.

What if everytime they run it, it has us subtly switch to another extremely similar timeline? Extremely similar… Yet different.

Yeah I don’t think they would have any control over it… But I could see them causing unintentional changes by screwing around with high science and exotic physics the way they do. Like the dude who cooked his insides experimenting with microwaves, playing with something where the consequences aren’t fully understood yet.

They should run it in reverse for a bit and fix the timeline. :grin:

Wow, never heard it, I’ll have to look into it. Do you happen to have the link close by?

It’s an excellent example. Definitely playing with something we don’t fully understand.

The microwave thing is bit of hyperbole. Perry Spencer was experimenting with magnetrons for building radar devices. He ended up melting a candybar in his pocket in the process, pursued the cause-effect and that’s how we figured out food could be cooked that way:

There’s probably more dramatic examples being ignorant to radiation and whatnot but this one sprang to mind.

Another theory I’ve heard is they’re opening “portals” to other dimensions or realities. In the 40s, Aleister Crowley is said to have opened such a portal using ritual “sex magic” at Groom Lake (now Area 51) with (I think) Jack Parsons in the late 40s. Crowley died in 1947 and the story goes that they couldn’t close the portal afterward, which is why you have a huge spate of UFO activity in that area right afterward. Beings and creatures being allowed into our reality.

All that is to say CERN could be the “mechanical” analog to that, using technology and physics instead of occultism. I’m a bit fuzzy on the exact details here so I probably have a few things mixed up, but it wouldn’t at all surprise me if what CERN is doing is causing us to shift through timelines or allow “things” to enter our plane of existence that shouldn’t be here.

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The invention of the microwave is a great story!

I understand what you’re hinting at, here. Similarly to an occult ritual, Cern can be considered an extreme attempt at provoking “something” unknown and never seen before.

I’ve heard about crazy occult rituals too. That kind of stuff will, or will not do anything. But if it does something, this something is unknown, both as to what it will be, and how hardcore it’ll be.

It’s dangerous.

I personally think that they know not what they do, to a large degree. In an interview on YouTube, Don Marshall says time can be manipulated by these particle collisions, in essence do-overs, and that the folks, whoever they may be, that manage the damn thing hop around to some degree. But I also believe whenever natural laws are not followed, God can make course corrections and does. There was a video clip floating around of a satanic ceremony awhile back and it showed the workers there prancing around half naked; included the goat head and all that. I’d like to know what these people thought they were doing. I have also wondered about where the facility sits on the border of France and Switzerland and if that has any significance.

Cosmo, you opened this can of worms and viola! This is what appears. :cowboy_hat_face:

And who is Don Marshall, fmarque? This squirrel? Donald Marshall explains Deja Vu.....CERN - YouTube

Listen to him. He sounds like Charlie Sheen on his worst day ten years ago. He sounds absolutely on the nod my friend.

I’m basing my response on my definition of “altering” and “reality”. Questioning the meaning of those two terms is not pedantic. It’s an imperative.

Is CERN affecting the future? Of course they are, as are you and I and everyone else on the planet. The future evolves based on everyones’ actions in the present and the past.

Have they altered the laws of physics? Are we still here, does the earth and the rest of the universe still exist?

If the laws of physics were to be altered even to the tiniest degree our universe fails instantly (at least locally. The effect will spread.). For example, ever so slightly change the electric charge on charged particles and the entire structure of atomic nuclei disintegrates - carbohydrates no longer exist, proteins no longer exist; chemistry as a whole fails instantly. Quantum tunneling of protons in stellar cores is based on the strength of the electric charge on protons versus the strong nuclear force. Alter the electric charge on protons and stars either blink out because the proton charge is too strong such that it overcomes the strong force that binds atomic nuclei thus fusion stops or the charge is too weak and all the protons come crashing down on each other because they no longer resist the strong force. The stars instantly fuse all 10^58 protons (class G stars, like Sol) and all those stars become, not super novas, but super-duper BMF KaBoom! thermonuclear galaxy-killing bombs when they instantly release all the energy that was supposed to last several billion years.

We are still here, the universe still exists so, no, CERN has not changed the laws of physics.

Has CERN created new realities? Have they expanded the knowledge base of humanity? If the answer is yes then they have created a new reality (reality as I would define it) where we know more about the world today than we knew yesterday.

What’s the bottom line here? Could CERN actually create a mini black hole? Frankly, no. But for the sake of argument let’s say, yes. What would happen if a dozen protons fused and formed a mini black hole? Not much. It would evaporate into photons in a few nanoseconds. You’d probably get a couple dozen gamma ray photons, anti neutrinos equal to the number of protons. That’s about it. The world won’t end or be swallowed up by a black hole. The core of our class G star has an average temperature of about 15 million degrees. Once in a blue moon a proton here or there will have a huge velocity (temperature) and might do some weird things. That’s normal. At the core of an atomic (fission) bomb before it expands beyond the tamper the temperature goes to about 10 billion degrees. Lots of really weird things happen. But the world isn’t swallowed up by a black hole and the laws of physics don’t change.

The laws of physics are ultimately quantum mechanical in nature and based on the relative strength of the strong, electromagnetic, weak and gravitational forces. Any change in the strength at all and the universe ends - probably instantly considering how distant particles are entangled. With any luck we might have a photonic universe with no matter.

I recall that Titor/TTO went on and on about how CERN was about to discover the secret of time travel within the following 18 months using the LHC. They didn’t. In fact the LHC had a serious quench event that took the collider off line for almost a decade. Funny, that. The time traveler from the very near future wasn’t aware of an event central to his saga that took place during his own lifetime.

I’m not concerned about CERN (pun intended). :sunglasses: