Incredible Mod Recreates SimCity 2000 Cities In Minecraft, Down To The Trees

Apparently, it’s now possible to visit your SC2K cities in Minecraft, thanks to a mod! Welcome to the future!

The year is 1994. You’re playing SimCity 2000 and you’re thinking, man, wouldn’t it be amazing if I could somehow get down into the game and walk these streets.

The year is 1997. You’re playing SimCopter, which says on the box that you can explore the streets of the city you’re created, but it sucks and looks like shit. You keep dreaming of a seemingly unattainable future.

The year is 2022 and, finally, you can do it. You can take the SimCity 2000 save that you have lugged around for nearly 30 years, convert it into a modern video game, and walk its streets as though you were born there and were on your way to work. The only catches are that it’s very hard to do it. And that you are actually playing Minecraft, not SimCity.

Jernej Gosar, a software developer from Slovenia, is the man to thank for this mod, which reads a SimCity 2000 save file and recreates it as best it can in Minecraft. “The main reason why I decided to create this project was that I thought it would be really cool,” he tells me. “SimCity 2000 has been one of my favorite games since I was a child and one day I thought that it would be extremely cool to go down into the streets and explore them.”

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That is AMAZING! I only had the first SimCity on Windows 3.1 or DOS, but my friend up the street had it and I was never able to play it long enough to get into it… Loved the idea of laying the water pipes and stuff.

I wanted to do something like this with the KOIN Center in Minecraft back when we had the Minegasm server going, but then we had a kid and I never got around to it.

This is excellent though, an incredible amount of time and effort involved, especially for how close it looks. I’ve seen a few other recreations like Zelda and stuff but none of them ever looked this good.

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You mention Zelda. It reminded me of something I found a short time ago, that will fit right in.

Recreating a game inside another one is nothing new, but now and then, you find an absolute gem. Simcity 2K in Minecraft is a prime example. So is the one below IMO.

Legend of Doom. It’s Zelda, but in the Doom engine!

This sent me down a rabbit-hole seeing if I could adapt Minecraft for my Time Quest idea. It’s very close, still considering how it could be done, but wanted to say DAMN YOU for sending me on this goose chase :wink:

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