In freezing weather, brother and sister stopped 6 times a day to charge a rented Tesla

Xaviar and Alice Steavenson rented a Tesla from Hertz for a road trip to Wichita, Kansas. They knew the car would need charging en route, but what they didn’t expect was how often they’d need to plug it in. Xaviar: “We ended up having to stop every one to one and a half hours to charge for an hour, then two hours”.

We drove from Portland, OR all the way to northern Arkansas and stopped just a couple times per day driving a Hyundai SUV across a three day journey. I have nothing against Tesla, I think they’ve got a lot of potential for different kinds of use… But with that comes potential for those who control the power grid to further control your movement. There’s a reason electric is being pushed so hard right now, and when I see stories like this it makes me wonder why.

I have yet to see a Tesla in the Ozarks.

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