If you could change anything in your past, would you?

  • Yes
  • No

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This poll is modeled after a thread I just restored to the Chronovisor, originally created by Mop back in October 1999:

Is there something in your past that, given the ability to time travel, you would change? Why or why not? For the sake of argument, assume time travel works like it does in Back to the Future, where changes in the past create the alternate timeline in the future that you’d be returning to:

For me, I say no. I’ve got plenty in my past I’d like to prevent or undo, but all of those led me to where I am, and helped me create the people I created. To change the past would be to unmake all of that, so I think given the opportunity, I would relive all of the negative again to experience the positive I have now.

What about you?

I voted yes. There are a bunch of things I desire to change in my past as well as the past of other things. For instance, I want to change where I went to school during when I was in 6th to 12th grade. I desire being educated in a private school during those years.

The government-run public elementary schools are quite OK around that time period, but the public middle, junior high, and high schools are a disaster. This is intertwined with history outside my past, since in my history, which I plan on converting to a reality, there’s a much stronger Reagan Revolution taking place during the 1980s, severely crippling the relative dominance of public education over society.

Also, I’m from New York State, and I have a Republican governor serving there from 1983 to 1991. This governor, whose name I will not reveal right now, is a Reaganesque politician who first wins the governorship in 1982 with more than 62% of the popular vote, riding the coattails of Ronald Reagan, who wins the U.S. Presidency in New York with over 63% of the vote, as well as nationally with close to 67%! The New York governor transforms the state into one with a perfectly happy, healthy economy, weakens the power of public schools in the state, and even plays a chief role in causing the Regents exams to be discontinued, ending the role of those exams being a requirement for graduating high school.

And so, since the middle school and high school in my school district are not a good fit for me, I attend a private school (one of which its name will not be revealed in this thread) until I graduate from it and transition to college.

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Interesting. What outcome or change do you think that would have on your present life? Would you have a different job, a different home?

What life lessons would you have missed out on going to private school from 6-12th grade? That period forms a lot of who we are and how we think later in life, so I imagine you’d have turned out quite different.

There’s one thing I’d like to point out first: there’s the saying goes “With God, all things are possible.” As for my 6th to 12th grade education itself, I’d guess I’d be better off with my changes, since in my current past, I can’t think of a major breakthrough that occurred during those years. I’m also guessing I’ll learn the major lessons of life in different ways, but I do suppose without much doubt that I’d have a different, better job, and a different, better home. I think I’ll be able to work something out. I believe I’ll find plenty of loopholes, that’s why I plan on communicating with ETs and working with them while changing the past, including my own.


Mhm, I voted no, @Classicalfan626 has an interesting point of view.

But I’m satisfied with the point I’ve reached and even if the problems I went through were hard, I would have been a completely different person if I had avoided them and not seen that side of people.

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I voted yes. First of all i would prevent my parent of my childhood depression, then to convince them to put me in a private school because of my attention/concentration difficulties; and then it will save me suffering, trauma experienced in public school, and will keep myself away from certain associates. I wrote myself a letter, with the idea of sending it to me.
I will direct my career towards professional sport, which will make my parents and mine proud.


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I could prevent videogame consoles like Sega CD,Sega 32X hardware add-ons for Sega Mega Drive including CD-ROM add-on for Sega Saturn,Sega Dreamcast.
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I would probably in 1980’s and 1990’s move from Poland into America.
Anyway here’s my own thumbnail of alternative events that John Titor didn’t consider. Probably he didn’t change religion and politics for the better or worse.

Including Andrew Basiago. Perhaps John Titor’s Time Machine is working more like for instance,as an example,these days,nowadays back then from in the past,present,future portal gun from Adult Swim Rick and Morty than Delores from Back to the Future.
Also do I sound like person with PTSD?

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