I am a time traveler from the year 2021

Hi I am a time traveler from the year 2021, but Im in current time meaning I can time travel. Other than my 1901 experience, this one was meeting George Washington. I went to Massachusetts during the period of the Revolutionary War and I enlisted as a soldier and got my gear on. I put in a fake name, birthdate, since I cannot reveal my true identity. So, one of the battles I was at, It was at night and I see a white tent and George Washington was there, He turned around and saw me so I instantly left.


Hello, My name is Nolan MacLellan and I travel. I use a Time Travel Generator 2x Monorolama and can tavel up to the year 4000 and back to 1600. I recently went on a journey to England, London 1901. Luckily, I already prepared clothes and started walking around. It was nice to see everything.


Welcome to the site! Why is your machine limited to that range of time

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Hello and welcome Nolan! How come you’re from the year 2021,our currently year? Can you explain more clearly?

Thank you.


Welcome to the site, @Evellyn_Cardoso :slight_smile:

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Please describe your time travel device and how it works. We are very curious. Also, why did you come to this time? And why did you come to TTI to post about it?


If theres one thing I’ve learned thus far, it’s that Time Travelers are in no real hurry. :laughing:


@Nolan_MacLellan I’ve added the #time-machine tag to your thread (that’s what it sounds like you used). If it should be different just let me know.

Can we see a picture of the device? Where did you get it and what is your motive for time travel?

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We ask questions because we are curious. I ask the same questions I would ask a time traveler face to face. I am very interested in HOW they time travel. If you can share more, @Nolan_MacLellan please do.

Why? I think it’d be interesting to quietly observe without getting in the way at least.

hi Nolan…

if you are there , i need your help man.

can you meet us? like in real?

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I like that story of George Washington and the 3 perils facing America in the future. :slight_smile:

I’m not currently trying to prove or disprove anyone (including myself :laughing:). I’d be interested in hearing more.

Hi Nolan… I use the same machine as yours… but i have broke some essential parts… can i borrow yours?

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Welcome, @Blooper_Rajatambang